Jul 10th, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge People DSC09310

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and S6 Edge make use of curved displays in some very cool ways. They have what’s called an “Edge display,” and it’s used to feed you information like news, weather, time, your latest messages and incoming calls.

So what more can be done with them? The company filed a trademark for “Apps Edge” at the USPTO, and while these trademarks don’t typically give us a solid idea of what they’ll be used for (they’re not even used a lot of the time) we can at least dream.

apps edge trademark

Our hope is that Samsung will soon introduce APIs for developers to create apps which specifically target the Edge display. To be clear, it’s not as if the Note Edge, in particular, doesn’t already support custom Edge display apps, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s official add-ons can already be downloaded from the Samsung Apps Store.

But they could do a lot better of a job promoting those apps and supporting third-party development with specific tools, and an “Apps Edge” store might be just what the doctor ordered to make that happen.