Only 2% of smartphone users upgrade as soon as a new model is available; how often do you upgrade yours? [Poll]


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A new Gallup poll has come out showing how often folks tend to upgrade their smartphones. The results aren’t totally surprising, with findings suggesting most people look to get a new kit every 2 years (which is understandable since much of the world works on two-year contracts).

Even more interesting, though, is how many people don’t upgrade as soon as the new model of their preferred line comes out. Only 2% of people upgrade to the latest and greatest as often as they release, which is a relatively tiny segment of the market.

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What does this tell us? Not much on its own, but it does explain why many smartphone manufacturers choose to go with iterative releases on a two-year cycle (that is, we’re only likely to see major improvements or advancements in technology once every 2 smartphone launches).

For comparison’s sake, more people tend to wait until their smartphone is broken or becomes totally obsolete to upgrade rather than upgrading as soon as their carrier allows. My personal experience isn’t the end all be all, but a majority of the people I know certainly don’t mind holding onto that smartphone they bought back in 2012.

The only group of folks who don’t follow the trend, according to Statista, are iPhone owners, who mostly prefer to upgrade to the latest model as soon as their carrier allows it.

So what about you? How often do you upgrade your smartphone, and for what reason? Participate in the poll below and feel free to share further thoughts with a comment straight ahead!

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[via Forbes]

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