Samsung denied it, but rumor has it Galaxy Note 5 launch will be accelerated to beat iPhone 6S


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Talk of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 arriving ahead of schedule was quickly shot down by Samsung, but the reports still linger. Reuters is now claiming to have knowledge about plans for Samsung to bring the Galaxy Note 5 sooner than anticipated.

We typically don’t see the device’s debut until September at IFA Berlin, but Samsung apparently is targeting an August reveal so as to beat Apple to the punch for announcements in the second half of this year (Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6S at some point this summer).

We imagine CEO JK Shin might not have felt good about bringing the launch forward before, but after the company’s profit-busting miscues with the Samsung Galaxy S6 they could probably use a little pick-me-up before the winter winds arrive. We’re certain they won’t want Apple’s latest pride and joy around when they look to get that pick-me-up, either.

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