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AdBlock has never been in the browser business beyond providing plugins to help you get rid of ads, but the company is breaking the mold with their latest app. They have released a beta version of AdBlock Browser for Android.

The premise and promise are simple: you browse the web, except you do so without any ads mucking up the experience. Early usage reports suggest it’s just as fast and capable at browsing the modern mobile web as Google Chrome and Firefox Mobile, so there shouldn’t be any qualms using it if you value it for its ability to block ads.

So how can you get it on your phone? AdBlock has provided a direct download to the app through their Google+ community while they await Google’s green light on putting it up in the Google Play Store as an opt-in beta app.

As such, all you’ll need to do is make sure you enable the ability to install third-party applications on your phone, and install the app like you would any other. They even have a handy QR code to take you straight to the download on your phone so you won’t have to deal with wonky file transfers. Be sure to give it a try!

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  1. Seeing as how they removed Ad-Blocking apps previously, I don’t have high hopes for this getting approved by Google

    1. Sideload direct off the web.. done.

      No Google Play Store needed.

    2. You are confused. They only removed system wide ad blockers. There are MANY ad blocking browsers in the Play Store.

  2. Doesn’t cm browser do the same thing?

  3. I have had ADP on Chrome for a while. It’s awesome. I love to block the shizzz out of ads.

    And I use AdAway on my phones/tablets with great success – so they seem late to this game.

    1. AdAway is awesome! No ads in ANY apps!

      1. any idea how to block the 5 sec ads in the YouTube app? adaway used to be able to block that for me but it doesn’t seem to work anymore

        1. Yes, get the Xposed Installer, then get the Youtube AdAway module for it. XPosed has some excellent modules to really enhance your experience with Android. Of course, your rig needs to be rooted first. Since I cracked my last GS4 at the end of April, I’m currently using vanilla Lollipop on mine. May root the replacement one soon.

        2. Search for “cracked tubemate no ads apk”. It might be an “old” version, but it still works (so DON’T update it and ignore the popups asking you to update). Also, after the first time, it will “crash”, but after that it’s good to go.

          I recommend the cracked version as although the original version removes traditional YouTube video ads, the cheeky dev injected his own ads, including unskippable video ads, posing as static ones. His ads also crash the app regularly, so use the cracked version.

      2. But isn’t it only for WiFi connections? That’s the caveat of Adblock, anyway.

        1. Nope, all connections. I’m pretty sure it works system wide via host list.

    2. Do you have to be rooted to use adaway?

      1. Yes. I haven’t rooted my GS4 since it went to Lollipop, so this browser is pretty good stop-gap measure.

      2. Adguard dies not require root.

        1. just tried Adguard instead, but it BLOCKED this article about the benefits of adblockers!

          That’s right, Adguard not only blocks ads, it blocks entire websites WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. They have a curt/rude message telling you to simply “add it to your whitelist”, with no links to do so. After adding it (by leaving the browser and using the app manually), the app STILL blocks access to the site.

          Instantly uninstalled. It’s no wonder garbage malware like this was removed from Google Play.

          Anyway, are there actually any good ad-blockers out there for Android?

          1. Did you check the settings? You can choose to only block ads.

  4. Finally!! Or maybe I’m just late

  5. I think that apps like this are a bad thing. A lot of sites are free to use cause the make money through ads. If everyone would start using ad blockers the wouldn’t make any money.

    1. However, some sites inject code into ads, making your phone go straight to Google Play, play unskippable auto-play video ads, etc.

      Also, if you haven’t got a third party YouTube app, then you might want an option to remove video ads from YouTube (while playing videos in class to pupils, etc).

      1. Students goin’ watch that commercial for Corona beers before the video on Algebra plays. LoL!!

  6. Why doesn’t Chrome Mobile support extensions like the desktop version? Would things like this much better and easier.

    1. Google said that it will have adverse effects to the device performance and cause security issues

      1. translation:

        ad $

  7. Adblock sold out. I wouldn’t use their products anymore:

    I’ve switched to uBlock on my desktop chrome browswer, and use adaway on android.

    1. There’s still an option to block all ads. So…?
      AdBlock gets money, but users can *still* block ads like normal. It’s in the settings. It even said it in the article.

      If anything, this is pretty shady against businesses. LoL!!

  8. I heard this is based on the Firefox browser. That being the case, might as well just download Firefox and install the Adblock Plus extension.

    1. There’s a noticeable difference-to me anyway-in speeds. This is much faster than Firefox with the extension.

  9. Firefox is already available on Google Play Store then just add uBlock or ADP add-on.

    1. Firefox for Android is pretty sluggish in my experience, unfortunately

  10. Didn’t Google remove all the Ad Blocking Apps last year…how are they going to approve this Browser.

    1. Google removed only system wide ad blockers. There are MANY browsers in the Play Store that block ads.

      1. Really? Dolphin removed their ad-blocker add-on and their YouTube downloading one, too.

        Which browsers revive ads, then?

        1. Firefox, Ghostery, Lightning…to name a few.

          1. Cheers.

  11. My phone is not allowing me to download this app. Would like not to have so many commercials on YouTube videos.

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