Samsung chief JK Shin flat-out denies Galaxy Note 5 will get a July announcement


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Earlier this week, a rumor suggested Samsung would look to challenge the iPhone 6S by bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s launch a lot sooner than we’re expecting. The rumor suggested a July revelation instead of Samsung taking to their , usual stage at IFA Berlin in September.

And those rumors are now rubbish. The company’s top dog of mobile himself JK Shin came out to put an end to the notion, suggesting that it’s completely false. It’s possible he’s trying to throw us off the trail, though in our experience a company doesn’t typically flat-out deny a rumor unless it is, in fact, false.

You might expect a look of disappointment on the face of those who can’t wait for the next generation of the Galaxy Note series, but most folks should be happy.

A September launch would mean they didn’t have to rush or cut any corners for the sake of helping their profits soar, which in turn will make for the quality smartphone we’re expecting the company to show off whenever the time for its coming out party arrives. In the meantime, the company will continue to let the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge shine in their own light (especially since it didn’t take long at all for them to reach 10 million units sold).

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  1. Better a good product than a rushed one. :)

    1. Every single time.

    2. You’re probably part of the 3 people in existence that actually realizes this. Everyone one else is complaining that things are taking too long to come out.

  2. Would have been wise to get it in stores atleast 1 month before the new iPhone.

  3. Still holding on to my Note 2 hopefully the Note 5 will give me a reason to upgrade because my Note 2 is still a more than capable phone.

    1. Still better than the iPhone 6 Plus or probably the iPhone 6S Plus when it comes out.

      1. Millions of happy iPhone 6+ customers proved you wrong.

      2. A Note 2 is better than a 6+? I have the former, my wife has the latter. If you take the peculiarities of the OS out of it and are just talking hardware performance, this statement is ridiculous. I don’t even bother taking pictures with my phone when we have both phones. Everything else (display, speed, etc.) is better too – not hard to do 2 years later in this business. Looking forward to having a competing phone soon – maybe the G4, but I’ll probably wait to see the Note 5 (though I hate Touchwiz) and I oh so wish a top shelf Ubuntu phone would come out this year. Who knows, I may even end up with a 6s+ if it is the best camera. I’m already stuck administering a family iOS account anyway.

  4. Didn’t they flat out deny the QHD Samsung S5 LTE-A?

  5. July release, no. June 30th release, possibly…;)

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