Report: the Samsung Galaxy S6 reached 10 million units shipped within a month


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It seems Samsung sells their flagship phones faster and faster each year, and 2015’s lineup seems to be no different. The Korea Herald reports that Samsung shipped (which is as good as sold, really) over 10 million Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones within a month of its April 10th launch.

The report says the Galaxy S6 “models” sold enough to surpass the milestone, so we imagine it includes both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. For what it’s worth, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 also reached 10 million with a month, so they’re quite used to these results by now.

What’s interesting to note is that Samsung admitted to having supply issues after misjudging the market, particularly in the UK. The company didn’t anticipate that the popularity and demand for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would come close to that of the base model. Had their estimations been accurate they might have been able to produce a sufficient amount and sell even more.

The success of the phone comes at an important time where Samsung has been challenged to start thinking differently about mobile. They’re still by and large one of the biggest single manufacturers in the space, though they’ve had their mettle tested in many different regions, particularly in China where up and coming domestic manufacturers are creating better devices and commanding a lot more market share than years past. A sudden early launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might do even more to help them regain the strong footing they once had.

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  1. Hmmm. There may be something to those weak sales rumors tech. sites have been speculating on after all. And if this is the case, Android is in serious trouble.

    1. Huh?? I didn’t know android was in trouble, wow Lmao

      1. Android is in some rough waters now. In the US, adoption rates are falling. As a flagship for Android, 10 million in one month isn’t that much. This was supposed to reverse Samsung, and Android’s declining numbers.

        Go read Forbes and other sites for some outside perspectives.

        1. wh–what?

        2. You must not have seen the market share numbers lately

          1. You must not have seen the profit share numbers lately. Hint, Apple owns more of all smartphone profit than all android oems combined. Ask any any business person what they would rather have, android’s market share or apple’s profit.

          2. Profit does not equal popularity. Apple is bankrupting carriers to make that profit.

          3. How so? I have sprint and I pay $90 per month for unlimited data. I paid zero up front but I pay the cost of the phone over two years + $50 per month for service. Sprint didn’t subsidize my phone, subsidized plans are on their way out.

          4. The iPhone is more popular than any single phone btw. So yeah.

          5. It is a well known fact that Apple’s carrier prices are outrageous. It is also well known that Sprint is a sinking ship, due to their deal with Apple.

            You say that the iPhone is more popular than any single Android phone. Oh yeah? Which one? The iPhone is not one phone, it is several. Apple won’t say which has sold how many. They lump them all together. Then you have the fact that they limit their OS to their phones. Is a device more popular, if someone wanting iOS is forced to buy an iPhone? You are clueless.

        3. They could actually only physically make 10 million in that time frame, the demand for the S6 edge is outstripping demand 4 to 1 and if they had predicted this sales would have been much higher for them, also they launched in a lot fewer markets than the s5, s5 was a huge 1 day available in 100+ markets vs the gradual roll out still not in as many markets with the s6.

        4. Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post write tech articles for the average idiot and they don’t even know what they’re talking about. They can’t even explain tech to the average person let alone the average iDiot.

          I won’t read tech news articles written by people who don’t know much about tech at all.

          Find some other sources.

        5. No other android manufacturer sells as well as Samsung. 10 million is average for Samsung but very high and almost unattainable for any other manufacturer.

          Also last I checked android as whole had 1 billion activations last year whereas apple has only sold 1 billion idevices total in the past 8 years. So I think android will be just fine.

  2. Apple sold 20 million in the first month, 10 million the first 3 days.

    1. When you believe that you are what you own, you just wouldn’t be you without the latest Apple product. It’s how you’re trained.

    2. I don’t know if I will be right. But I think the iphone 6 and 6+ are an exception. Why? Because many iphone users wanted a bigger phone, and they did not see the value in upgrading to the 5s or the iphone 5. However, when the 6 was released many people just decided to upgrade because it offered a great value. Now.. will the 6+ or 7 offer the same value to iphone users? I dont think so. The 6/6+ will be good enough for a while… Many of my friends who usually upgrade once every two years, upgraded to the iphone 6 right after getting the 5s because of the screen.

      1. I agree, it was a big upgrade. However so is the s6 vs previous galaxy models. Whatever the reason, numbers are still incredible for iphone. If rumors on optical zoom are true for iphone 6s or 7, the next iteration, I’ll be swithcing

        1. I don’t think the s6 is as big of a change because users who liked the water resistance/sd card/removable battery features will probably not be upgrading. The iphone did not really sacrifice any of its previous features. And I don’t think people will see optical zoom as a compelling reason to upgrade.

        2. The iPhone 6/6+ didn’t release at the exact same time as another flagship, S6 released at the same time as the M9.

        3. Optical zoom??? Hahaha They added a camera nipple by making the phone thinner. The next camera is rumored to be a 12 MP, with smaller pixels. Keep wishing.

      2. Depends. Apple always acquires some company a year or two in advance and makes a device with a feature that’s out of nowhere like Siri and 64 bit processing and TouchID. Without Apple, Google Now wouldn’t be what it is today and likewise with Samsung Pay and fingerprint scanners. I look forward to what the 6S/6S+ have in stock.

    3. This is always a hard comparison. Apple is going against Android, not Samsung. It’s actually pretty good if Samsung can get close to Apple’s sales. That means Apple REALLY has to up their game up.

      If the only Android device was the Galaxy series, how many more devices do you think Samsung would have sold? Do you think it would be safe to combine the sales of all Android devices?

    4. There are two iOS phones (which you’re lumping together), there are many Android phones available, and the S6 released at the same time as the M9. Android is crushing Apple in worldwide sales, although it’s close in the US.

      1. And yet there would not be a single Android OEM that would not give its left nut to be in Apples position…go figure!

  3. So much for everyone wanting expandable memory and removable battery. Where y’all at now?
    #TalkingMyMess #DontKillMe #ISowwy #ButWhereYallAt

    1. Don’t think hashtags do anything except annoy people on a site like this’s comments. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2I-nudEqz7o

      1. Tough noodles. Everyone would have thought I was being serious. Not enough humor in these threads. =.P

        1. Not enough people who realise that hashtags suck either. That’s true for most of the internet, though.

      2. Hashtags are for dweebs.

        1. They can fun and tempting to use but using them more than once in a while becomes very annoying very quickly.

          It’s best to avoid using them.

  4. OK Apple sold 20 million I phones in two Months where as I’m quite sure Android sold 40 million in the same space.

    1. Samsung sold about half of what Apple sold with only two devices. This number isn’t including all their other Android devices.

      This just goes to show that Samsung is doing something right… by removing expandable memory and removable battery. LoL!! J/K
      But they’re doing something right if they can keep up like this.

  5. Shouldn’t the Note + Galaxy S be combined if the 6/6+ combined?

    1. So should it be the S6/Note4 or the S6/S6Edge? This is why I don’t really like statistics and comparisons all too much.

      I’m fine with what’s being compared, but you’re seeing different.

      1. Well, I want to see how flagships stack up against one another with each one accounted for since I don’t think the iPhone 6S/6S+ will ell as good as the 6/6+ did on launch weekend.

  6. It’s really good for Samsung, I have a galaxy S6 and I love it, I have a iphone 6 too. I think both phone is good depend what you want and what you like

  7. and let’s start talking about the note 5 now please….granted I think a nexus 6 will replace this sony soon.

  8. It’s going to be interesting to see what their profit margins are going to be. That’s what is going to move the stock.

    1. I readed, the cost to make galaxy s6 is about 275?

  9. Yep… and I shipped mine right out to an eBay buyer on Saturday after a month of poor battery life and lag infested memory leaks!

    1. Lag? What the heck is this guy talking about?!?!? Lag? This headline is about the S6, I have 17 apps open right this moment. . .no lag!

      1. I know tests have shown that switching between open apps is slow on the S6. The iPhone and M9 beat the S6 in those tests so perhaps this is what he means.

      2. Maybe he mistaken his S5 for a S6. LOLOL

  10. The spin is strong with this article. ROFL!

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