Samsung wants to steal Apple’s iPhone 6S thunder by announcing the Galaxy Note 5 in July [RUMOR]


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Samsung typically waits until summer months come to a close to announce the latest Galaxy Note phone each year, but new rumors suggest they could be pushing the announcement and launch of the device much sooner. Korean outlet WhoWired claims to have knowledge of plans for Samsung to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in July, a full two months sooner than their usual launchpad of September’s IFA event in Berlin.

“Why,” do you ask? Well, Apple’s refreshed iPhone 6 — which should be called the iPhone 6S if history is anything to go by — will be out by then, and you can bet Samsung doesn’t want to give Apple a two month window to reveal and launch a new smartphone without having something of their own to show off.

The source suggests Samsung has already finalized specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, though there’s still no clear idea of what we can expect. We can at least expect it to one-up the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge as Samsung typically uses the Note series’ launches to introduce their latest ideas and innovations. If word of its impending announcement is true then it won’t be much longer before we’re let in on all the juicy details.

[via PhoneArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

You can now download Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 WiFi

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  1. It better keep the removable battery.

    1. You’ll just need a heat gun and a few other tools.

      1. It won’t fit in my pocket.

    2. I applaud Samsung’s move away from sdcards if they decide to do it. Bottomline the S6 and S6Edge with USB 2.0 memory and DDR4 with the Exynos 14nm processor is tops in performances nothing is better today till the Galaxy Note 5.

      1. Do you even understand half of the crap you type?

        1. Can you even afford anything close to the Note products of course you can’t why even troll here Mr. I’m on a budget? ?

          1. What does my supposedly not being able to buy “Note products” have to do with anything? It won’t make me smarter, give me more social class/standing, or really matter. In a year or 2 it’ll be old news anyway. Get over yourself.

  2. This would be great news, since I’m still holding on to my Note 2.

    1. So am I.
      However, I don’t think I will last even through July. Likely getting a G4.

  3. quad edge display on both front and back, the entire thing is a display. I’m calling it. Starting at 999.99 on a 2 year contract for the 16gb version, no SD card slot, doubling memory is an extra 149.99 per jump. If they stay true to form in the S6 mentaliity LOL

    1. Does the s6 have 16gb version? I thought they started at 32gb. But I agree it will cost me an arm and leg

  4. how is that stealing the thunder? The iPhone is estimated to be released in late September. Bit early

    1. When its announced/released are two different dates.

  5. No removable battery, no micro SD slot?? NO SALE. (keeping the Note 4, which might be the last great Samsung phone)

    1. I just can’t go back to removable battery. Samsung severely scarred me when I went through 4 batteries during two years of me having a phone. And who’s to say the actual technology behind there batteries has changed? I don’t use my phone enough for it to die throughout the day. And I’m perfectly fine with a power bank.

      Though, with the M8, I’ve gotten back attracted to the convenience of micro SD cards. =.3
      It’s especially saved me with rooting. So that, I can see as a deal breaker. But y’all can keep y’all removable battery. =.P

      Though, I hope they keep their Note series removable battery and micro SD card. Seems like a LOT of people want it. I’ve noticed this when people who know nothing about phones ask about it. So it’s outside the tech blog websites.

      1. Four batteries in two years???

  6. This rumor does not stop me from buying the G4 a month earlier (but not soon enough).

  7. I want that. I can sell my note 4 for a decent amount then lol

  8. Just make it like the note 4 edge but with both sides curved and both functional at the same time… No choosing sides… Removable battery isn’t necessary with fast charging and I’ve gotten used to using a power bank if need be. Put a SD card slot on the side like HTC does are you’ve got a beastly phone!

    1. Forget the edge display. Extra cost for a gimmick shouldn’t be considered worth it.

      1. The note 4’s edge is definitely functional…

        1. Never said it wasn’t. It’s just a gimmick that’s not worth the additional cost to Samsung or any buyer. Phones already cost enough without the crazy Edge feature.

          1. I value your opinion but it’s definitely not a gimmick… It’s just never been done on a smartphone before and it’s something we’ll have to get used to… I can remember when people said the on screen keyboard was a gimmick because blackberries and treo’s had physical keyboards… Don’t knock it til you try it…

          2. This is so much different than the whole keyboard thing that it’s not even remotely related to the whole “edge display vs no edge display” thing.

            The edge display makes the phone a hell of a lot more expensive*

            Even if it wasn’t for that I’d still forego wanting it because it’s a function that isn’t superior to my current experience. I don’t want or need an extra 1cm bevel along both sides of my screen.

          3. You’re missing my point… I obviously know the edge display is different than the keyboard thing… I’m just saying people said it was a gimmick because it wasn’t that prevalent then… Phones have been the same form factor since forever… Samsung changed that form factor by giving us a new and innovative way to interact with our devices… Like I said before don’t knock it til you try it..

    2. if they do removable battery and fast charging..game over lol

      1. I definitely agree with you there!

      2. Andrew, when did the Note series go from a removable to non-removable battery? My wife and daughter both have the Note 2 and it has a removable battery. In fact, we just put a new battery in it today.

        1. it hasn’t every one is anticipating that they might because the s6 went to non removable. So everyone is thinking the note 5 might be non-removable.

          1. Oh, ok. I was not aware of that. I like to be on the cutting edge of things, but with a full time job and going to college, I have not had a lot of free-time to readup on the S6.

    3. Same style as the Galaxy S6 edge but with removable battery and memory card. Having the removable battery brings versatility to an already high end, business like phone.

  9. As a note 4 user I’m pretty upset even though this was expected

    1. That’s okay, you don’t have to buy it :)

  10. The S6 is awesome but I like the larger display, flagship aspect and pen of the Note series. Early release is very welcomed as long as it’s not rushed. Icing on the cake if it has SoC with A72 cores.

  11. OK that’s the phone I want to get my hands on the note ? 5 I’m going to wait for it and I hope that it comes with a removable ? and sd card ? for I most have a lot of memory at 200gb or more and ? of the line performance of course

    1. Oscar, my wife and daughter both have te Note 2 and it has a removable battery, sd card and sim.

      1. OK I’m sure you love your phone

  12. Isn’t this old news now and the head of Samsung came flat out and said this isn’t true?

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