Kingston’s memory cards are up to 75% off as Amazon’s deal of the day


KINGSTON logo’s deal of the day is all about Kingston today, and they’ve got some pretty good discounts if you’re looking for removable storage. Most of you will care about the collection of SD and microSD cards.

For the former category, there are 16GB and 32GB Class 10 UHS-1 options available for $6.99 and $13.49, respectively. They also have microSD options (with SD adapters included) at 32GB, 64GB and 128GB for $11.99, $24.99 and $70.69, respectively.

There are also gaming headsets, SSD drives, flash drives and RAM for your PC if you’re in need of any of that stuff. You can check it all out right here, but don’t wait too long as the deal will expire by the end of the day.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. These will be awesome in the new S6.. errrr wait.. I mean G4

    1. They did us a favor. SD cards are sloe especially this one possibly 90/45mb read/write s6 is sitting at over 300

      1. Because you need that speed for photos and music?

        1. You know how long it takes to transfer over 1000 photos on such a slow card or write to that. I had the 64gb samsung card in my s5 and it was ok, but 4k video transfers took forever.

          1. 1000 photos? That is a 1 time transfer and you know it. You are not doing that daily. Once that is done, that stuff saved to the SD card is instant more or less. Nice try though.

          2. It’s not a one time transfer if you organize your photos after taking them and sort them into different albums. Also I sometimes transfer to my pc when the card gets full. Yes it takes a very long time especially when you have multiple 5 min 4k videos. I had the best samsung sd card, yes some were instant once you go past 300 photos it takes a while not an instant.

          3. You’re doing it wrong…

          4. Well I have the option to do it wrong in your opinion. Deosnt change the fact that internal memory is faster and more convenient.

          5. You do. Recording 5-minute 4K videos is kinda overkill, though. Unless you’re recording things like your children walking or riding a bicycle for the first time or some insanely spectacular occurrence you don’t need to record 5-minute videos, especially not in 4K.

          6. I’m outdoors alot springs, parks etc. I have a 4k tv if it makes sense.

          7. It kinda makes sense but it’s pretty excessive even with those parks and springs (not to mention that it’s heavy on storage space too.

          8. Yea that’s why I transfer most of them on my extra hard drives and pc. I don’t keep it in one place, plus the extra 100gb from one drive helps.

          9. I know how fast it is to just transfer your old sd card to a new phone.

          10. Take fewer unnecessary pictures.

          11. Sure or just buy an s6 which i have.

      2. Before the S6, samsung users bash apple for not having sd cards or removable batteries… now things changed.

        1. That’s true but I wasn’t one of those users. I was am iphone user and the s5 was my first andriod. Maybe that’s why it deosnt bother me much, but sd cards didn’t bring much to the table for me to say it’s a must have feature. When it had more support it was great. Now only a few apps support it.

        2. They’ll bash whatever is different than a Samsung phone. Pure definition of fanboy. They even bash iPhone users for doing the exact same thing hahaha

          They all use to say how much better plastic phone bodies were and now pull themselves over the iPhone 6 clone.

          Samsung should release a phone without a screen, I’d love to hear them all tell us how overrated screens are!

      3. The fact that you spell slow as “sloe” makes me suspect that you’re a troll and/or passive aggressive just because.

        1. I’m sure your phone spills right 100% of the time?. Passive about what I’m enjoying my s6 edge, no need for an sd card

          1. How amusing. Okay, you’re not a troll (maybe). I thought that you were one and/or being passive aggressive based on what you said and how you said it.

          2. SwiftKey usually fixes what few spelling errors I make.

    2. I know. I was forced to get a new phone yesterday and part of me was really hoping I could get the G4. Wound up going with the Note Edge for the microSD over the S6.

  2. How are Kingston’s products nowadays? I know they used to be crap, but I haven’t really looked at them in a long time.

  3. Perfect timing for that new device coming in soon with expandable storage!

  4. Ever notice that when Amazon puts these things on sale, the S&H goes up to $10 (from the normal $4)? And they charge the S&H per each one.
    PNY had 32GB’s for sale at Xmas for $10 so I picked up 2 then.

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