PSA: North American Nexus 6s have a tad bit of Verizon bloatware after Android 5.1 (even if you’re with a different carrier)



You might have heard that the Nexus 6 (in America, at least) is now starting to receive Android 5.1 Lollipop. You can even grab the OTA file right now and begin flashing it if it hasn’t already hit your phone. Most users will immediately notice a nice performance boost thanks to a large heap of bugs squashed by Google and co.

But those who dig even deeper might find something a bit unsettling: there’s a Verizon Backup app pre-installed. It can’t be uninstalled. It can’t even be disabled. And it’s there no matter which carrier you bought your Nexus through or who you have it activated with. It wasn’t on any of the firmware versions prior to Android 5.1, which makes sense considering Verizon’s Nexus 6 has just gone up for sale and it comes with Android 5.1 out of the box.

nexus 6 verizon backup screenshot

“The horror,” you might exclaim. “Big Red is evil,” you’ll shout. Before you grab those pitchforks and torches, though, there are a few things to note:

  • As Google mentioned when the Nexus 6 was announced, every single North American unit is the exact same hardware and share the exact same firmware in order to allow people to use it on whichever carrier they wish.
  • Verizon is not the only carrier to have one of these system apps included with the Nexus 6’s firmware. Sprint has an app called SprintDM that facilitates device provisions and activations for anyone who wants to use the Nexus 6 on their network, and it’s been there since the launch of the Nexus 6.
  • The Verizon Backup app can’t be disabled or uninstalled, sure, but it’s a mere 32KB in size, doesn’t exist in your app drawer and — as far as we know — does nothing to adversely affect your user experience. You’ll find that you can now add a “Verizon Backup” account under the standard accounts menu in settings, but it’s just as easy to ignore as anything else in that menu.

So we know this behavior isn’t new, but what we’re still trying to figure out is why Verizon’s Backup has to be included as a system app in the first place. SprintDM’s presence makes sense because it’s a necessary component to get the Nexus 6 automatically activated on the company’s network (which, in turn, is necessary since it’s possible to use any Nexus 6 on any network).

The only plausible explanation that comes to mind is that Verizon Backup requires some sort of low-level system access to work properly for those who need to use it, and Verizon doesn’t want to chance someone either not having the proper background service or accidentally uninstalling/disabling the app.

That’s just a guess, though — we won’t truly know until we can hear it from the horse’s mouth. We’ve reached out to some of our contacts to see if we can get an answer to all this, but in the meantime be sure not to freak out if you notice the app taunting you in your list of installed apps. It’s harmless, and you’ll probably forget it’s even there by the time the day is over.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Download: OTA update links for Android 5.1 on the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 2012 and Nexus 10

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          19. Okay, truth be told, that was a clueless thing of me to say.


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          23. Because I build all mine up component by component 1 piece at a time.. so I intimately know what makes them up. And I can assure you, no VZW bloatware to be found.

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      1. I’m mad you went to Home Depot. LoL!!

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    3. Wow, lotta folks like Verizon from the looks of these comments.

  2. I use google to back up my info no need for verizon at all in this case!

    1. Classic VZW; just like with their stupid Navigation app. They repeat products that are already freely available and 100x more refined than theirs. So laughably redundant. As you said, Google can and does backup automatically and seamlessly behind the scenes most of your key info. Need more, Dropbox can do your photos instantly to the cloud the moment you take them. For SMS use SMS Backup. Yada yada.

  3. soooo…tmobile customers can use verizons backup solution?

    1. Can? Or will? That is the real question.

    2. No, you can’t, you just have it for shits and giggles…and for reasons outlined above.

  4. So this is only on the carrier versions, right? Not the Google Play version?

    1. try reading

      1. Try kissing my ass.

        1. I’ve searched for a port on both my computer and phone to make this possible. I can’t figure it out…

    2. Nope, on every version of the phone in the world regardless if using T-Mobile in the U.S. or whatever popular carrier in a different country. Every single Nexus 6 with 5.1 will have these.

  5. But isn’t the point of a Nexus is to avoid bloatware? We need to lobby politicians to write legislations to reduce bloatware.

    1. for real. I had some on my AT&T variant. Thankfully I read up on it before turning it on and setting it up without the sim-card inserted. I only had 1 app on there but was unable to easily uninstall it. I think that was the point with it though, I read they wanted the carriers to not lock the apps in there.

      1. AT&T only installs 2 apps during the initial install and both are removed in about 3 seconds, so it wasn’t even really an issue. No sense removing and putting back in the SIM card for that.

        1. I did not know that to be honest….my G3 had 7 apps I think that ATT installed. As did my G2 and S3. I thought all phones had all of these. my bad

          1. I only know because I knew any carrier apps could be uninstalled quickly, so it was more of a “Meh, effort” involved in removing the SIM.

            Was pleasantly surprised when only two apps, that I immediately uninstalled from the app drawer, were downloaded and installed.

  6. It would be great if , when ATT 5.1 update comes out, they do something about that sound level of the ATT jingle when starting up the phone, it is so damn loud. As far as the bloatware goes, as long as a phone is being subsidized by the carriers, regardless of it being a Nexus, they will find a way to put it on there!!

    1. Back up everything on your phone, get the Cyanogenmod installer and it’ll do everything for you to fix that. Problem solved and OS improved too.

  7. I thought the carrier payload feature was supposed to solve this.

  8. That app is the single biggest annoyance on Verizon phones that I’ve had. It pops up as a choice to add a contact, can’t be disabled,and is in the factory reset screens. All it does is send all your contacts and related things to Verizon so they can track you and sell your data. Good job Google.

    1. For all the root haters THIS is 1 reason alone to root. Root and nuke this shizzz (and anything else) off your phone. You get last laugh.

      But just a thought, can this app be hibernated/disabeled in 5.0? Well, if not, root, nuke, done.

      1. You sure it’s going to work with Verizon if you root it and remove the app?

  9. Effing Verizon always screwing up their Nexus launches. Glad I’ve never had the ‘pleasure’ of being a Verizon customer.

    1. Now they’re screwing it up for everybody else too.

    2. Yes they do. The problem is that their network is the best by far. I have used att T-Mobile and sprint. I stuck with Verizon simply because I travel to a lot of job sites in the middle of no where and many times they are the only ones that work…….sigh

    3. In Florida, I feel T-Mobile is the best. Now that I’ve moved to Tennessee, at&t seems to be the best here. Just my 2¢

  10. Nexus 6 users can now thank Verizon for every single delay in Android updates thanks to Verizon needing to spend six months ensuring compatibility of this craptastical app and Android.

  11. I tweeted about this last night around 10:30 ET after I updated my N6.

    1. Bravo!

    2. Interesting…

      1. Said every sentient bird ever, haha. I love Smosh’s take on Twitter from about 4 years ago:


  12. i think i’ll re acivate my DROID RAZR MAXX HD and keep my N6 pristene and wait for google wireless.

  13. That awkward moment when the iPhone has less carrier bloat…

    1. Question: Is it easy to switch an iPhone from carrier to carrier?

      1. as long as its unlocked and has the right bands, its juts as easy to go from one carrier to another.

        from everything I have heard though, the nexus 6 is the only phone that supports ALL major US carriers with a single handset….could be wrong though.

      2. No, it is not possible yet. Still have to get a whole new iPhone to switch. But I too would like to know if an app like this is present on iPhone and if not…why is it necessary?

        1. Yes, good news it sure IS! As long as its a VZW model or an UNLOCKED model purchased from Apple at full retail. With EITHER of those TWO devices you can choose VZW, AT&T or T-Mobile.

          Sprint has a different model (SKU) due to its FDD-LTE & is the model used in Asia (China Unicom, SoftBank, etc.)

    2. So the iPhone isn’t bloated with Verizon’s backup up? Why does it need to be on Android phones? Google really needs to grow some balls and tell Verizon to piss off.

  14. I am not surprised by anything from Verizon

  15. I bet it’s there to provide extra permissions that Verizon needs to have in order for its backup app to work. It may be a thin shim that when activated on Verizon will be complemented by a ‘thicker’ app on the OEM partition.

  16. Verizon and Nexus just dont go together. Learned that one the hard way by way of the Galaxy Nexus. It’s too little too late now. At this point people would be wise to wait for flagships coming out next month or even the nest iteration of the Nexus device coming later this year. Funny seeing the galaxy S5 and Lg G3 commercials on tv now, trying to snag the last few sales before their new flagship commercials hit next month. If a person didnt know better they would think the S5 and g3 are new and not about to be outdated watching these advertisements

    1. Things change. Been using the Nexus 6 on Verizon since December and I get timely updates without Verizon messing them up. Every model is the same, regardless of carrier. They can’t stop me from updating. It was different years ago with the Galaxy Nexus.

      1. If you have been using it since December, It’s not a Verizon Device Nexus 6.
        I can Guarantee you the Official Verizon one will Have other verizon apps installed on it and will get its updates from verizon. When and if they deem them necessary to put out

        1. Certainly he is talking about the Google play unlocked sim Nexus 6 which is what I am running. That is the only way to fully unlock the Google experience. I just use Verizon as a gateway to the internet, I am not bound to their crapware or contracts.

          1. Well thats obvious to everybody but him.
            But like I said, The verizon one will have Verizon bloat and all updates will be at the whim of verizon and most probably wont materialize

    2. At this point, people would be wise to leave Verizon. Fixed it for you.

  17. Too late!!

  18. Wait so since all the nexus 6’s are the same and only the north american nexus 6’s are getting this does that mean there’s a separate European firmware I could flash to not have it?

    1. In theory, yes, but I don’t know if anyone checked that one out for similar apps.

    2. There have been two different SKU’s of the N6. One for NA and the other one with radios for the rest of the world.

  19. Umm wow 0_o before the the attack on Verizon happens let me atleast get to Canada first plz …

  20. This is interesting in as it flies in the face of everything Google said about Bloatware & Lollipop at I/O & at Launch with select startup packages in emulation for each Network in the U.S.A.
    Personally, I really don’t have a problem with it, like Derrick said on Google+, who cares, but Nexus people are…a strange group of folks.
    I will also say that this device is struggling to sell or gain ANY traction & Google is making Motorola stick to the ridiculous pricing for the time being.

    1. all I took from this is that we are a bunch of strange folk….and to me, that makes you as horrible as a pierced penis….or did i just prove your point? haha

  21. It doesn’t matter if it’s benign. It doesn’t matter if Sprint has done something similar! It’s Verizon! Screw them! Get out of my phone! Pestilence! My phone is defamed!

  22. Gradually the Nexus line is becoming like any other smart phone in the market. As we have started losing what makes the Nexus different.

  23. Down with Nexus!

  24. Does this also apply to Canadian Nexus 6 models?

  25. So you can’t remove this even with root?

    1. You can do anything with root, including removing / disabling system apps. Just know what you’re doing before attempting any root functions if you haven’t done so before.

  26. Its not the size of the app, its affect on the phone, ect. Its the principal of the thing. Nexus is supposed to be the truly stock Android experience. Shame on Google for allowing this garbage to take place. Don’t let Verizon push you around, not to mention sprint.

    On top of all that, why would anyone want to give more info to Verizon. Remember the past few months of their Super Cookie nonsense? Next their gonna try to tell us that 8t ships with a locked boot loader too. F Big Red

  27. My EU Nexus 6 has that app too, thought it was some new service Google acquired and hid in the phone for future use.
    Oh well.

    EDIT: And this backup app was running in background, great, i’m on a completely different carrier. I also found a SpringDM app hidden, sometimes it shows up running.

  28. Might I suggest that it’s included in lollipop so when google release updates there is no delay in verizon customers having to wait while the backup feature is added by Verizon. Eg how long does it take for samsung updates to arrive or sony updates after google release an update;) My Samsung tablet has only ever received one update and will likely not receive any future updates.

  29. You can flash CyanogenMod if you want something different ;)

  30. I’ll stick with my Verizon nexus 6 from play store …. Similtanious voice and data on 5.1 fair trade I think … And I’ll just remove from my system anyway with root problem solved.

  31. If verizon’s backup app has something that requires it to have a system app to perform it’s carrier-specific function, why can’t T-Mobile include whatever low-level system software is necessary to support T-Mobile Wifi Calling?

  32. It makes it easier to know and follow your location to the exact second no matter where your phone pings is my guess. Soon all phones will have this rubbish. Now the government only has to question one source lol. Or the most logical reason is, Google will be releasing their on phone service soon and this will help with collecting data from various networks. I’m sure they will be sharing space and bandwidth with all carriers. So this is the tradeoff (bloatware).

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