Google finally gives us a changelog for Android 5.1, headed to T-Mobile Nexus devices today


Android 5.0 Lollipop DSC07205

We’ve been seeing Android 5.1 Lollipop appear on a few Android One devices for quite some time, but Google has remained quiet about it. We heard about a couple of changes early on, and now Google has come out to detail them in an official changelog.

For starters, they’ve confirmed the addition of new WiFi and Bluetooth dropdowns in the quick settings menu in the notification pane. We also know that a ton of bugs were fixed, though Google didn’t care to detail any of them.

So what about the stuff we didn’t already know? For starters, Android 5.1 Lollipop finally brings native support for dual-SIM devices, which is sure to be great news for those in markets where dual-SIM devices are the norm. Google’s also bringing proper HD Voice support, with the first devices getting HD Voice love being the T-Mobile and Verizon Nexus 6.

Finally, Google’s new Device Protection feature will make it so that a phone you mark as lost or stolen will need your Google password to get into, even if the person with the phone somehow performs a factory reset. Neat stuff, there.

So who’s getting it? And when? We’re sure Nexus devices are first in line, and we already know T-Mobile’s Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 -are slated to receive rollouts as soon as today (with all of them having the same build number of LMY47D).

If you have one of those devices you’ll do well to charge your battery and get on WiFi to start checking for the upgrade. Others will have to wait until more rollout information is shared by Google and carrier partners, and we’ll be sure to report anything as soon as we hear more.

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  1. Hellooooo Nexus 6 update? Where are you?

    1. Don’t forget the Nexus 9…Google already did… :(

  2. So, I’m confused. I definitely get the higher bitrate on UMTS/HSPA calls with the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile. Are they just calling VoLTE “HD Voice” to simplify/downplay technical terms? Or do my ears deceive me?

    1. How do you test can bitrate on your Nexus 5 or any phone?

      1. Great question. I have no idea. I’m just going off relative call quality. I know my M7 supported UMTS HD Voice, and my Nexus 5 sounds as good, so I’m making an assumption based on my own hearing.

        Hence “or do my ears deceive me?” above. ;)

        1. I am pretty sure that assessment is not scientific.

    2. HD Voice is a marketing term.

      1. It is a marketing term for any AMR-WB-based (or certain other codecs) voice channel, as opposed to AMR-NB and other previous codecs. So it’s a marketing term with technical definition.

        1. I stand by what I said. I know what VoIP is and I know how it works and “HD” is a marketing term because Voice over LTE isn’t easy to explain to folks so yeah .. thanks for the mansplaining. ;)

          1. “HD Voice” is also possible on UMTS. No need for LTE.

  3. At&t where u at? Come on!

    1. Don’t worry. The New Verizon (sorry I meant to type their old name, AT&T) will release it when everyone else has it and is almost done complaining about the new bugs in it.

    2. I gave up on AT&T. I use a T-Mobile phone on AT&T that I flash with custom firmware. That way I actually stay up-to-date and I can be bloatware-free and restriction-free.

  4. Nexus 5? Check. T-Mobile? Check. Charged and on WiFi? Yup, check. Knowing full well that it’s a staggered roll out yet persisting in checking for updates whenever I look at my phone? Check and mate!

    1. FYI, someone at Google said your phone is only able to check for the update once a day. If you check once and it’s not there, you may as well give up for the rest of that day.

      1. No. You can check multiple times per day but you’ll only get one approval or rejection per rollout batch. If you get rejected during a batch then you will continue to be rejected until Google rolls out a new batch at which time you’ll get another chance.

        I’m personally just going to wait for the update zip to be captured and uploaded.

        1. Exactly

        2. That sounds more accurate. Couldn’t remember what exactly was said. Thanks for the correction.

  5. Where are the factory images?

    1. They’ll be in the same place they’re always at.

  6. Nexus 6?

    1. Nexus 5 and 10 have them listed already. Shouldn’t be long till nexus 6 is listed.

      1. source code was uploaded to aosp, so i would imagine it is due any minute now…

        1. Link?


            clearly though, my definition of “any minute now” and google’s differ significantly…

  7. ATT on that Bull, we should sue ,, dam I wish that was possible

  8. Nexus 6 is dead to me. It only took 6 months for this. I will be moving on hoping the one plus 2 delivers or some other great device

    1. Why is the Nexus 6 dead to you?

      1. Because troll

      2. Finally took the leap to get a nexus device and it’s full of bugs and a simple thing like an led notification light is taken out of the functionality and the ambient display drains the hell out of the battery. Big disappointment and the Google now launcher still needs a little more functionality.

        1. I have the Nexus 6. What bugs? The LED can be re-enabled, if you really need it, and the ambient display uses maybe 2-3% of my battery in a day.

          The Nexus 6 is a pretty awesome phone and I don’t really know what functionality you are looking for in the Google Now Launcher, but it isn’t meant to be some bloated, features out the wazoo launcher or anything.

    2. its going to take a lot more than 6 months for all of the other non-nexus devices. Nexus FTW !

  9. My Nexus 6 is waiting… Bring it!!!

  10. HD voice = volte

  11. Nexus 5 before my at&t nexus 6? Can’t believe I’m getting pissed over what will be coming to me shortly lol

  12. Just got lolli on my note 3 tonight. Hate how samsung always breaks root though

  13. So debating in returning to downloadable state on nexus 6 or wait for ROM to include

  14. I’ve had HD voice on my G3 for a while now.

  15. Love the whole article: “Google finally gives us a changelog for Android 5.1”, and then “We also know that a ton of bugs were fixed, though Google didn’t care to detail any of them.” Awesome!

  16. the word “Today” in the article’s title, probably means “within the next 7 days or longer”…. Too many times I have been disappointed by an update heading to my device “today”, to then notice said update head to my device NOT “today” but LATER on this week or next week… I’m using a Nexus6 on T-Mobile

    1. Just as expected, the update did not head to my device “today”, seeing as “today” was yesterday… and it’s still not here.

  17. If you want you can just download and flash Google’s image files for whatever devices they currently have uploaded the code for (such as the nexus 5). I’ve been running 5.1 rooted since yesterday and its been great. No memory leakage problems anymore. Unfortunately xposed alpha for lollipop currently doesn’t support 5.1 :(

    1. I was wondering about xposed, thanks for the info.

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