Mar 12th, 2015

Nexus 5 back 1

With all of the noise yesterday about the Chromebook Pixel and the new Google Store, it would have been easy to miss that the Nexus 5 suddenly had no place on the website. We weren’t sure if this was an error, if it meant stock was temporarily unavailable or if Google was simply getting ready to sunset the device.

We now have an answer — the Nexus 5 is done. According to information received by The Verge, while Google still has a small inventory of Nexus 5 units remaining, their new focus is on selling the Nexus 6.

The device is being retired a bit sooner than we’re used to. It’s not a bad phone by today’s standards. In fact, it’s still top notch for its very affordable price tag of a minimum of $300 (and considering the Nexus 6 costs more than twice as much it was still a primary option for anyone looking for a new smartphone).

So what happens now? Well, if you want a Nexus 5 you are likely able to find them available from third-party retailers or second-hand sales sites. Those who still own one won’t see their device suddenly become useless. It’ll still receive the latest Android updates for as long as it is able to. In fact, it just started receiving Android 5.1 Lollipop. But getting one through Google is no longer an option, and we’re sad to have to admit it.

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