Nexus 6 pops up on Google Play in 32GB and 64GB flavors starting at $649


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Google has just updated Google Play with some nice landing spots for the Nexus 6 phablet announced this past Wednesday. The device comes in two colors — Midnight Blue and Cloud White — and in 16GB or 32GB flavoring. As Motorola confirmed, the device begins at $649.99 for an unlocked 16GB model, and we now know that you’ll need to add $50 more if you want double the storage.

It’s worth noting that there is one SKU for the entirety of North America, so you’ll be able to order one without fear of it being incompatible with your network of choice. There will be a separate SKU for everyone not in America that should go up on those respective versions of Google Play in due time.

Of course, folks not looking to pay that $649 off-contract price can wait for pricing and availability details directly from the carriers. We know the device is headed to all 5 major US carriers this go-round, and we imagine there will be some installment payment plans and contract-based options for helping make this purchase a bit more affordable.

Google originally didn’t commit to a specific day for pre-sales and shipping of the Nexus 6 so there’s no clue when that glorious buy button will light up. The best estimate they could give us for pre-sales is late October, though, while the device is being stamped with a “November 2014” shipping window. We’ll be sure to update you guys once pre-sales begin.

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  1. Good, Google can keep their mammoth phone.

    1. Agreed! I’m loving my Moto X Gen 2

  2. And people thought once it hit the Play Store it was going to be cheaper than $649! LOL
    That hefty price tag is there to stay. Such a shame because so many Nexus supporters will go somewhere else.

    1. where would they go? One plus one?

      1. Why not? invites are easy to get and it’s well priced.

        Performance is basically the same.

        1. Nothing wrong if it, just saying that’s the only option. And i could be wrong but I don’t think they have cdma variants. Also the nexus will be subsidized through all carriers, so i think it’ll still be about as popular as it was before.

          1. Honestly, the Nexus line was only popular among us tech geeks. The average consumer has no idea what a Nexus 5/6 is. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out this holiday season with sales. The competition in this price range is tuff. But to answer Martin Lane’s question: Yes One Plus One is a great option, Oppo is about to drop a new one, Huewai has one, the Mi4 also, and Sony’s Z3 line.

          2. yeah i know average consumer isnt that away of a nexus… but that’s why i think it’s popularity will be about the same. So even though its more expensive, its now available at the top 5 largest retailers through the carriers.. instead of just tmobile. Maintaining its popularity isnt anything to brag about since it never broke any records in the first place.

          3. The 5 carriers will give Google a deeper footprint for Nexus than ever before. But it’s new to so many and people just don’t jump on the newest latest phone when that market has been dominated by the giants already like: Samsung, Lg, Apple, etc. I hope it does well, but I have a feeling we will see the Nexus 6 discounted sooner than later. It’s kind of like:it’s an excellent phone but wrong launch timing and pricing. People need to be familiar with the branding(Nexus) first, then they will jump on board to buy in large #’s.

          4. yeah agreed, it needs to gain a more public brand. But i don’t think it will sell any worse than the nexus 4 or nexus 5 did… at least in the US.

          5. We will see.

          6. Unsure, I think the size of the device will put some users off regardless of if they’re tech geeks or not. But at the same time there is a market for large phones so it’s a bit of a gamble imo.

          7. yea i think they’ll lose a bunch of customers to the size/price, but they will also gain some by tripling their market. So i figure it should more or less even out perhaps. But who knows, they dont release sales numbers anyway.

          8. it hasn’t turned people off to buying the iphone 6 plus or the note series. big phones are becoming the norm as more people use them as mobile computing/entertainment devices with a dialer app than an actual phone.

          9. “Deeper footprint” online maybe, this is a Moto device. Nobody pushes Moto on the floor, best chance is an unattended Google Showcase found in BB.. Moto would/will have to drastically change it’s ground game to compete. Value was a strong motivator for the every-person tech enthusiasts, early adopters, and Google fanboys/girls. With the value proposition diminished, this device will need a major infrastructure overhaul care of Moto to even be remotely successful.

          10. I do agree. I was saying deeper footprint in a sense of having the phone available on every carrier at once. But Moto won’t push this phone, or the carriers. Early adopters will eat the higher price tag, while those who choose to wait will get it cheaper than $649.

          11. I don’t think they’ll be much to see. Carriers don’t move Moto devices, Moto doesn’t have the infrastructure or the budget. Carrier floor reps will continue to push the big two and IMO even LG has a better presence now.. I think the only saving grace might be those Google Showcases in Best Buy, but I’ve never seen them staffed like a Samsung Experience.

            iP6 and Note4 are both $300 on-contract, maybe they drop this into the $200-250 range to compete.. Just too close on specs to the Note 4 to compete on the floor.. Combine that with floor representatives and it’s a wrap. We’ll see though.

          12. Yeah Samsung, Lg, & Apple presence destroys any hope for the Nexus 6 to be seen. The only option I see is: Google comes to its senses and gets out of that price range, and lower the price in hopes of moving units. Like I said in my earlier post: Great phone but wrong time to launch and wrong price.

          13. Anyone who doesn’t know about the Nexus 5, it’s capabilities compared to other smartphones and it’s great price has been missing out. Only a Sith deals in absolutes that are not beneficial to you, i.e iPhone or gtfo/Samsung or gtfo.

  3. My precioussssssssssssssss

    1. Aaahhh! What are they doing?!? Stupid fat Google!! They ruins it!!! (just kidding)

  4. I wonder if Verizon will get the 64gb version and whether it will be truly unlocked.

    1. Was the Galaxy Nexus unlocked? That will give you a better idea what to expect from Verizon more or less.

      1. It was one of the last unlocked Verizon devices. More importantly, Verizon held back updates multiple times. Pretty much if the N6 is handled by Verizon the way they handled the GNex – YOU DO NOT WANT IT. Although it may still at least suck less than other VZW options.

        1. Yep, agreed. Sprint at least handles their Nexus devices. CDMA tech is dying out anyways, so there’s not really a need for a Verizon device long term. If people change out phones every year, then it’s fine. The Nexus is meant for long term rather than a yearly upgrade since the tech is good enough for 2 years or so.

      2. What Andrew said. In addition: You don’t want to be on Verizon, period.

      3. But see, here’s the thing. One SKU for all five carriers thru Google Play… doesn’t that mean that one can buy the Play Store inventory and tell Verizon to eff off into the sunset? That doesn’t mean they won’t force a system update as soon as it connects to their network, I guess, but… I doubt that would pass muster with Google.

        1. I would hope that Verizon cannot fubar another Nexus device. I am just waiting for the Nexus 6 to get Wi-Fi Calling through T-Mobile and a price drop so I can buy it. I feel like the size is a bit too big, but I am using a G3 and had a Note 3 before. So bigger devices are something I can adjust to. The size of a 5S? That’s a no no for me.

  5. Still disappointed in the price. We’ll see if my Nexus 5 lasts another year.

    1. Agreed, an initial pass from me as well. Between my N5 and Tab S 8.4 this set of N devices just didn’t wow me..

      IMO the N6 was priced with the mainstream and carriers subsidies as the priority. We’ll see how that goes for Google, I’ve got firsthand experience with carriers shunning Moto devices before. In short, Moto just don’t have enough impact to move handsets on the floor. Even if they’re equal or superior to the competition, carrier reps simply won’t push them.

  6. People complain the Nexus’s were never premium enough. Now it is and it’s too expensive. Sheesh

    1. So because it is overly expensive, it is “premium”?

      I think you are the very buyer they want then if you think that.

      1. What’s not premium about it? 32/64gb memory, 3gb ram, 1440p screen, big 3200mah battery and a brand new snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7 ghz. Not to mention the new camera and all of the new sensors as well as the turbo charger.

        The Note 4 has all the same specs, but cost $749+

        1. Didn’t the Nexus 5 have high-end specs for it’s time but priced $200 cheaper than the competition?

          1. Pretty much

          2. Nexus 5 compromised in several areas (camera, battery, etc)

      2. It’s not overly expensive, it actually cheaper than most flagships (with the same or worse specs).

    2. Actually the Galaxy Nexus was a premium device. It’s just too bad it had an OMAP processor.

  7. Waiting for the UK prices…

    1. Just swap the $ for £ and there you go.

      1. I’ve been fearing that may be the case.

  8. ” Midnight Blue and Cloud White — and in 16GB or 32GB flavoring. As Motorola confirmed, the device begins at $649.99 for an unlocked 16GB model, and we now know that you’ll need to add $50 more if you want double the storage.”

    why 16 GB and 32GB when the image clearly says 32 and 64 GB?

    1. Author did not do his research or made a goof. It’s 32/64 as even the screenshot the author provided shows.

  9. Even though I have owned Nexus phones from Nexus 1 (which I loved), I think at that screen size, this phone is not for me. I am probably going with Sony XZ3…

    1. I hear that’s a great choice. And if your a student you get an discount. ;)

      1. What is this student discount you speak of?

    2. Z3 is where I am heading also. At least, I am about 90% sure.

    3. I’m leaning to the Z3 compact myself….

    4. The XZ3 is $10 less than the n6.But it is very nice

  10. Nice to see that they acknowledge the Qi charging in the specs on this page!

  11. that screen it has is expensive. 4k in 6inch isn’t cheap to produce I would think. Along with that 805. 13mp with ois. You wanted premium you got premium, but it comes at a price. I wonder how good of photos this phone can take. anyway Im going with the z3. this phone is just to big for my liking

    1. It’s not a 4k screen.

  12. in early 2006 i paid 500$ for a nokia E70 and i got almost 3 years out of it ’til the first G-1.

    in 2010 i put it up on EBAY for 125$ and it sold in 45 minutes.

    i figure i’m getting a device that will last me ’til i take my dirt nap, i’m 69 now, because when google promises updates, they deliver.

    i’ll justify shelling out the money by quitting my 100$ a month cigar habit for 7 months and selling my note2 and my RAZR MAXX HD.

    so the cost is absorbed already.

    1. I guess that’s one way to quit smoking.. haha

    2. Let’s hope you just last that long….just kidding :)

      1. Outta line. LoL!!

    3. I just want to applaud you for being 69, and even knowing what a Nexus anything is. Good job, sir.

  13. This is gonna be $99 on 2 year contract before Xmas… just saying…

    1. This phone is going to be excellent for those who desire contracts. Around the holiday and months after, you will be able to get this for a steal.

  14. Can the unlocked version be activated on Verizon as well?

    1. Yes

  15. “and in 16GB or 32GB flavoring” 16GB is an utter joke if that is for real info. Shocking that in this day and age they even release such nonsense. Say goodbye to 5gb right off the bat with system OS and apps. You can eat 16gb so, so easy. Not even sure why this is still an option, it is like when they use to offer 512mb RAM.

    1. I dont think u get it.

    2. was a mistake by the author, there is only 32 and 64 GB models… look at the photo at the top

    3. There’s only 32GB and 64GB options. I will say though that 16GB isn’t that bad if you don’t play games. You don’t need much space if using Google Play Music to stream music and back up all of your photos automatically to google+.

      I do have 32GB in all of my devices though ;)

  16. Did the author even look? The PlayStore shows 32GB for $649, not 16GB. The 64GB device is $699

  17. I’m at the Googleplex right now and I saw a guy using one while I was taking a pic at the Lollipop statue. It’s huge!!!!! I love thought it was a day one purchase for me but I’m having second thoughts.

  18. Going to probably buy 3… these are cheaper than I expected.

  19. If I were gonna dump $700 into electronics, I think 2 Gtx 970’s for my rig are a fair deal. A phone like this? Nah.

    1. Why not 980’s just curious

      1. Probably because you can’t get two 980s for $700

  20. The people who keep saying that they won’t buy one probably just don’t have enough $ or don’t have an upgrade available. This phone is gonna be dope af.

    1. Or they don’t want to have such a large phone?

      1. How you doin’?

  21. OnePlus One : P

  22. Uggg it just says coming soon. I can’t click on the price to order it. $699 for a high end smartphone is about par for the course.

    Also too your article is wrong. It comes in 32GB or 64GB options.

  23. Hmm wondering how big the next nexus will be…hope there will be an end with the size soon…don’t wont to hold a ‘A5’-sized gadget on my ear one day.

  24. Wouldn’t you expect Google Nexus 6 price to be below others in the same category ? This device is from Google supported reference, promotional Android device. If I have to pay $649 for 16GB than I would rather buy LG G3 or iphone 6 Plus.

    1. I have the LG G3 and it does everything great, except being a phone… When I go to speaker, the people on the other end of the line hear an echo. Also, when I answer the phone I have to wait a second or 2 before I say hello because they won’t hear me if I talk right when I answer. The phone also echos when i talk through my truck on the AUX cable. I may have a defective device, but i’m looking at this Nexus.

    2. It’s $649 for 32gb, NOT 16gb.

  25. How much do previous nexuses sell for on eBay etc? From what I tend to hear and read, nexus users love their devices and what seems to be putting a lot of them off is the price. If users value the nexus 6 – at a quality level – the same as the best of any other device then I would suggest off-setting the price willing to be paid (seems most users are quoting around the 400-500 mark) with any resale from older devices. I am an iPhone user myself (relax, I am not a *insert any of zillions of insults* fanboy here to start a war – I love technology and am always keen on reading about android developments and also because I usually troubleshoot my sister’s device – SGS4, for the record) and believe it or not, I don’t love spending premium for iPhones but usually find I can offset my previous handset and usually end up getting the latest model for very cheap or even cheaper than the amount for the new one in some cases.

    I know that this phone seems to have bucked the trend of high end at ‘reasonable’ price but for the loyal users who love that pure android experience while getting the highest quality specs and build available, it might be worth trading in your old device. This is what many others do not just iPhone users but Samsung users and others too. It might be a break from purchasing style of habits but if you value the nexus experience enough, it’s probably worth it.


    1. I just sold my n5 for $295 on ebay.I as other wasn’t expecting the new high price but I will get it anyway because I love nexus devices and must have the new one.

      1. That’s good! I think other Nexus users should do that too! When it comes down to it, if all specs, build and so on are put on a level field, it comes down to largely experience. Some love the pure android experience. Some prefer OEMs takes, some take compromise of Interface for features etc but if it’s pure price, then there other ways like this to cover the costs.

        Anyway enjoy your device! It does look very good :)

  26. Isn’t it 32 & 64 gb versions?


    Does anyone know Google Play’s return policy? How long can you keep a device before returning it, and is there a restocking fee? Also, are you responsible for the shipping charges?

  27. 32 or 64! It’s been two days! Fix your article already!

  28. Can’t see them selling many at those prices.

    1. Sure they will, because the phones will still be on offer from all of the carriers and AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint will offer them up for around $200 on contract. This phone is no different than any other phone out there. Hell, T-Mobile was charging $500 for the Nexus 4 and 5.

  29. It’ll be 300 on black Friday

  30. I wonder, are people outraged at the price because they have been getting their phones on contract for so long? This has been the average price for flagships off contract for a while now. I remember playing over $600 for the Galaxy S4 and so on.

    1. people are outraged that a product line that was once a great value has now become an overpriced piece of tech just like the rest.

  31. The storage sizes listed on the Play Store for the Nexus 6 are actually 32 GB and 64 GB for $649 and $699 respectively

  32. I wonder if the 64GB will be available from T mobile?

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