Nexus 6 now available to purchase at Verizon, but won’t ship until March 18th


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Verizon yesterday officially announced that the Nexus 6 would be available for purchase online today. That’s true — you can head right here and order one for $250 on a two-year contract or $27.08 per month on Edge ($649.99 outright if you have the dough to spend).

There’s just one problem, though — it won’t actually ship until March 18th, which is one-day shy of its in-store availability. We’re not sure why Verizon failed to mention this “gotcha” when they announced the device, but if you were hoping to throw your money at them today for the biggest Nexus phone in history and get it in time for the weekend then you’ll be quite disappointed.

Whether you should still pre-order the device is up to you. There’s a slight chance it could ship ahead of March 18th, but Verizon’s backorder dates typically don’t change. For what it’s worth the Nexus 6 is one of the few devices worth waiting for. We gave it a glowing review, and although there were some performance issues early on we’re expecting Android 5.1 (which it’s shipping with) to clear most of that up.

Don’t forget that Verizon’s Nexus 6 will also come with support for HD Voice / VoLTE / Advanced Calling 1.0 / whatever else you want to call it out of the box. If that’s important to you then there is almost no better phone to get right now (you can check the full lot of them out here). Let us know if you’ll still be looking to buy one or if Verizon’s being a bit too slow for your taste.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Verizon has really botched the launch of the Nexus 6. Sad memories of their Galaxy Nexus launch come to mind.

    1. I just dont understand all of the delays….it just baffles me. AT&T did not have this problem when I preordered mine. There were no delays. You think at this point, they would have given up.

      1. It’s probably because of the Droid Turbo, Moto X 2 and little bit of Sony Xperia Z3v deals.

  2. FYI..The link to the VZW ordering page is broken.

  3. According the VZ website, this phone is only compatible with LTE bands 4 and 13. Really? So it’s strictly a VZ phone?

    1. I thought I read that all north american carrier’s variants were exactly the same hardware wise. I agree their spec listing is odd. Juat a guess, but maybe they’re only listing those because they are the only ones relevant to their network?

  4. Verizon still has the best overall network, but is overpriced & is horrible with phone launches & selection. I will stay with them as long as I have unlimited data. Pick your poison.

  5. Hahaha! Of course. Oh Verizon…

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