Take a look at the entire Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge user manuals ahead of launch day


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We take user manuals for granted these days. Most devices come with small tutorials to show you the basics, and then leave you off to explore your new toy with glee.

But if you’re the type who likes the informative literature that’ll show you the ins and outs of your device before using it, then you’ll be happy to know that the manual accompanying some of 2015’s most anticipated phones — the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge — is already available for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve already given you an in-depth look at all the exciting new stuff the Galaxy S6 devices have to offer such as an improved fingerprint scanner, an awesome camera, and — in the case of the Edge variant — some great new display features. You’ve even already gotten a full unboxing experience. Now it’s time to get the rest and take your pre-launch hype experience full circle.

AndroidForums.com has the guides — Samsung Galaxy S6 user manual is here, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge user manual is right hereas well as all the great discussion you can handle to get yourself prepared for the device’s launch this April.

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  1. I read the manuals. =.3

  2. I cant read

  3. My drawer is full of those. Stock, never opened.

  4. iPhone 6 got copied again.

    1. they are both copying each other left and right. They both have letters out of the alphabet. They both use numbers. They both have guys working for them. they both even have girls working for them. They both even operate out of buildings. And those buildings…are in cities. DUH DUH DUH!

    2. I dunno… does the iPhone 6 have a breakable glass back? If so, that’s probably one thing they shouldn’t have copied.

    3. Youre a moron

    4. I actually agree with this, that said this is the most premium looking Android phone I’ve seen and the first Galaxy I’ve ever been interested in. That said I think I’d still prefer a Nexus or Moto X.

    5. That’s funny, so you’re saying iphone 6, which copied Android’s larger sized phone, was copied by the new Galaxy…

  5. I only want to say… any online publication that values their readers will refine from using the word “glee”.

  6. S6 Edge… wait… what?????

    It seems like the Edge is only able to be activated on 1 side. You pick a side of the phone you prefer. So…. no Edge functions on both sides of the phone at a time, only 1 side. WTF??? A double Edge phone, with only 1 Edge able to be actually used??

    uhhhh lame.

    1. Just another corny hater

    2. Please do tell me what advantages you would get out of having functions on both edges…

  7. also its Amazing in the china market with indian retail shop iphone6 High Copy is also Available How Sad :(

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