This is what it’s like to unbox the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge [VIDEO]


galaxy s6 boxes

If you don’t want your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unboxing experienced ruined once it arrives on your doorstep this Spring, do not watch this video. But who are we kidding — you probably can’t help yourself! Neither could Samsung:

We’ve seen the device at every angle, explored every nook and cranny, and gotten to check out its most cool features, but one thing we can’t partake in right now that Samsung was able to is a good, old-fashioned unboxing. Be sure to indulge by hitting the play button above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Doesn’t matter what mobile device, it’s always fun to open the box of a new toy. Such pleasure.

  2. Are the Google Ninjas still opening Nexus devices? I haven’t stumbled upon a Ninja unboxing, nor have I seen y’all post one.

  3. I like how the Edge’s screen on the S6 is more seamlessly integrated with the main display (as opposed to the Note 4, which acts more like a separate screen). However, I wish it had more functionality than ticker/notification/quick contacts. Especially with the last feature, you should be able to program favourite apps along the side instead, kind of like the sidebar on Action Launcher. It’s just a different kind of shortcut.

    1. I’ve read that the edge will be updated over time once more devs are on board.. This is still in its infancy.. Great start if u ask me.

      1. Well that is Samsung’s de facto strategy… “throw something at the wall and see if it sticks”. Sometimes it does (e.g. the phablet), sometimes it doesn’t (e.g. the Round).

        1. Yep, but I’m banking on the edge.. I think it will become Sammys go to.. Just like the note for so many.. When the note first launched it received so much hate.. Now everyone is on board.. We will witness the evolution of the edge I believe.. Gimmick to some or not..

  4. I want this but I want the note 5 edge

    1. Considering down sizing from my note 3 to the s6 edge.. I don’t use the s-pen features all that much like I thought I would.. And the screen real-estate isn’t that much less.

    2. +1 note 5 edge with microsd expansion.

  5. Samsung have definitely created a winner, great design and specs can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys

  6. How does the edge screen improve your experience watching videos?

    1. Good question!

    2. At least now notifications are color coded so you wont get confused…oh wait?…grrr I always hated that electronic simon says game when I was a kid, now I know why!

  7. Unfortunately T-Mobile won’t be offering the standard S6, verrrrry dissapointed!!! Does anyone think gold is too “blingy” for a guy? I’m debating between white or gold.

    1. Oooops, I meant to say standard S6 in Topaz Blue.

      1. Has T-Mobile confirmed this Jay?

        1. Yes, if you go to their website to sign up for preregistration, it asks you which colors you are most excited about, the colors to choose from are black, white, and gold.

          Unless a miracle occurs and T-Mobile ends up offering Topaz Blue, I’m debating between white and gold. I’m thinking to myself that gold will compell me to take extra, extra care of my S6, I actually already ordered a black & blue protective case with a kickstand on Amazon.

    2. White and gold? You mean blue and black?

      I’m sorry, I’ll thrown myself off a cliff now.

    3. Why do u keep buying subsidize locked phones?!?! I just can’t get it!!!
      If I live in US, with the amount of income that I would had per month, no way I would buy a locked and subsidize phone… not to mention that phones are cheaper than in Europe…

  8. Hahah Samsung now makes their own unboxing videos? How desperate can you get?

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