Galaxy S6’s improved fingerprint scanner lets you log into websites with one touch [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint sign in DSC08979

The Samsung Galaxy S6 features improved finger scanning hardware that gives us something functionally identical to Apple’s highly-touted Touch ID, but its software-side enhancements build a case for the S6 as the benchmark for fingerprint authentication. Take for example the newly added ability to login to your favorite websites with just the touch of your finger.

While not a full-fledged password manager, Samsung’s finger scanner now sports the ability to securely store login credentials for use in the phone’s web browser. Find the site you want to login to, scan your finger, and the phone’s software will autofill the form. No more typing in usernames or fumbling over your super secure passwords (they are super secure, right?).

The first time you log into a site, the Galaxy S6 will ask you if you want to store the credentials and use the finger scanner to authenticate website sign ins in the future (provided you have already set up the fingerprint reader). You’ll have to do this individually at first for each login, so you can choose which sites require authentication.

While Apple has done a lot to improve the Touch ID experience and open it up to third-party developers, it has been slow to roll out core functionality in the same way that Samsung has with their Galaxy line. Before, we could say Samsung’s hardware lagged behind, but now it seems Apple may be the one with some catching up to do.

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  1. I wouldn’t trust Samsung with my fingerprint for a million dollars

      1. just seen someone else said dont buy one haha

    1. I’m sure for a million Dollars you would.

    2. If samsung gave you a million dollars in cash, you would do anything they wanted you to do.

      1. f***** awesome

      2. haha even tattoo boobs on his back?

        1. Or maybe a creepy baby arm and hand on his arm

          1. we are starting to make this guy come to life right out of a cheesy 80s movie haha

          2. Actually, the tattoo I reference is actual real life, today, someone in the Android industry – and it is utterly creepy. But you kind of have to know to know.

          3. wtf haha that is creepy, who would do that?

        2. Sure would be nice to read some actual real comments.

          1. aww we are sorry, just playin around. Too many people get into arguments and take “actual real comments” to heart and respond negatively. in other words, its hard to state your opinion on here anymore.

      3. He would eat poop

    3. easy….dont buy one. solved for x on that one, didnt i?

    4. Is the fingerprint data turned into a hash like with Touch ID?

      Is that hash stored in hardware or software?

    5. Ya u would

    6. What does your demented mind think they want your fingerprint for?

      1. We live in an extremely paranoid society where a tech company is viewed as more of a “stalker” than a perp outside a window with a flashlight. People are just overly paranoid and weird.

  2. well, finally a usefull feature for that scanner

  3. What happens if you burn your fingertip cooking?

    1. then u need to pick up a new hobby

      1. Ok, let me rephrase that.

        What happens if you burn your fingertip on the crack pipe?

        1. well…there is always “OK Google”, or Siri. OR you could move to Florida and fit right in at a walmart.

        2. If you smoke crack, most likely you can’t afford an S6 anyway…

    2. When you set up the fingerprint scanner, I believe it has you set up multiple fingers.

    3. That’s why you register fingers from both hands. One get s burnt, the other is sound… One gets amputated, the other is sound. If you get both arms amputated then you wouldn’t be able to key in your password anyway.

  4. well maybe? but motorola was the first one to put this on their phone….on android….so yeah, theres that?

  5. That’s freaking awesome! Do I have to use the Samsung browser though? Or can this work with chrome also?

    1. Have to use the Samsung browser unfortunately

  6. At this point everyone is putting out features someone else has already been using. Look at how Apple just implemented NFC on their iPhone 6. Android has used NFC for mobile payments since 2010. As for fingerprint readers, Motorola did that a few years ago too, but it was pretty bad.

    1. my point exactly….everyone copies everyone eventually. especially if they see a useful feature that will help sell devices. Nothing wrong with that at all, as long as they can find a way to make it better and more efficient at the end of the day.

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      The Trolls are: PhatmanXXL, and Isco

      1. Me too, I’ll keep posting the accounts he’s using so the Mods can take the proper actions.

    3. @phandroid staff. Here’s the accounts phakeman is using to clone us. Please don’t let him ruin the comment board for the rest of us with his trolling.

      Because I’m one of the people he likes to clone, I take this personal. I’ve asked this person to stop cloning me several times in the past. There is no need to do this besides using your site as a platform to harass people.

      I will keep posting this until action is taken.

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  7. Is this not already a feature that was introduced in note edge, possibly note 4? It only works with stock browser though which is crap

      1. Swiping

      2. I have a Note 4 and don’t have that feature… Where is it at?

        1. Settings > Finger Scanner > Web sign-in

          Can also be used to pay with paypal and verify samsung account. Only works with stock browser for now though

          1. Thanks for the tip!

  8. It’s not the same. You don’t have to swipe your finger down the home button like on the note 4. Simply place your finger on the home button like the iPhone. Much better and as the title says, “improved”

  9. Irrelevant these days.

  10. Apple wasn’t the first to have fingerprint scanners on their phone. For whatever reason it seems like when Apple is late or early to the party they seem to get credit as if they invented it. You need to know that these companies have a standard of features they all are trying to bring to the table. Some are unique to their own and a lot are the same. Its just the next step. Its in business period. They know some of each others secrets. If you think of something, you better believe you’re not the only one. I will admit Apple has implemented in the best way first, but to say others who introduce it after is copying is complete ignorance.

    Have Samsung copied them before? Sure. Has Apple copied others? Sure. Samsung clearly saw it was not doing well with it being apart of the screen. How else do you suggest them to introduce a fingerprint scanner? Some things are just standard across the board. Trying so hard to reinvent the wheel just to be and look different, but the purpose is same is unnecessary. Just get over it. That mindset is with business in general.

    People say the S6 looks like a clone of the iPhone 6. Why don’t people say the iPhone 6 takes similar idea designs from the HTC One? Y why can’t we just say the device looks good? To me it does. I’m more so on Edge 6.

  11. Like it. Looks much faster and more streamlined than on my Note 4. I also have the iPhone 6 and must say I really like this device. I’m a tech nut and have to have the latest and greatest, the SGS6 is my next new device. Great job Samsung.

  12. Another hoopla of biometrics?

    It is not possible to compare the strength of biometrics operated on its own with that of a password operated on its own. There are no objective data about the overall vulnerability of biometric solutions (not just false acceptance rate when false rejection is near-zero but also the risk of forgery of body features and the risk of use when the user is unconscious) and that of the passwords (not only that it may be as low as 10 bits or as high as 100 bits but also that it can be stolen and leaked.)

    Threats that can be thwarted by biometric products operated together with fallback/backup passwords can be thwarted more securely by passwords only.

    We could be certain that biometrics would help for better security only when it is operated together with another factor by AND/Conjunction (we need to go through both of the two), not when operated with another factor by OR/Disjunction (we need only to go through either one of the two) as in the cases of Touch ID and many other biometric products on the market that require a backup/fallback password, which only increase the convenience by bringing down the security.

  13. The next big idea will be inventing finger lock gloves or something that will completely lock your fingers so that nobody will be able to sneak up and unlock your phone with your own fingers while you are asleep.

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