HTC brings live YouTube streaming to RE activity camera



Amid a sea of meetings throughout CES, one tidbit of information from our get together with HTC stood out. The company is planning to bring live YouTube streaming to the HTC RE, their activity camera that challenges devices like the GoPro.

This has to be exciting news for anyone who wished to be able to broadcast their extreme broadcasts live instead of having to wait to do it on their phone or PC. HTC says all you’ll need to do is connect your RE Camera to your YouTube account by signing in via the smartphone app. From there, you can enable live streaming and send the link out to your viewers whichever way you choose. Finally, strap it on and go!

Here’s how they describe it themselves, if you were wondering:

With the Re app, sign in to your YouTube channel and activate live streaming. Once verified, broadcasting from your RE is a snap. Any live footage you wish to share is transmitted directly from RE to your smartphone, which then sends your broadcast to your YouTube channel

That simple. Furthermore, you’ll be able to set whether the broadcast is public to anyone with the link or private to select viewers. The link will also work after the broadcast has ended, so anyone who wasn’t able to catch it live can get a look at it after the fact.

The best part is this functionality will come in an update to the HTC RE app as soon as tomorrow, so if you have some weekend antics you’re anticipating (sure, it’s cold, but there’s always snowboarding and skiing!) then you can plan to show it off to your buddies as it’s actually happening. Let us know if you’ll be doing just that.

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