It Looks like Apple’s Given up on its Fabric Cases


Following countless buyer complaints that its new “eco-friendly” iPhone cases weren’t the best in terms of quality, it looks like Apple will be discontinuing its series of FineWoven cases, which were first introduced last year. The cases made their debut alongside Apple’s iPhone 15 series, and were part of a big marketing push to promote sustainable manufacturing practices.

Apple hasn’t officially announced this discontinuation however, although a leak from insider “Kosutami” claims that this will be the case moving forward, citing reasons such as durability. If confirmed, this wouldn’t be too surprising as the FineWoven cases weren’t always positively received, with users complaining of poor quality such as fading colors, fabric layers peeling off, and more.

Additionally, no new FineWoven cases were included in Apple’s 2024 Spring color refresh, which only included its silicone cases and watch bands. It’s unknown at the moment which material Apple will be moving to should it go forward with the permanent discontinuation of the FineWoven cases, as the company has already turned away from manufacturing leather cases.

It seems that fabric phone cases don’t tend to last long in terms of availability – Google was also known to use recycled fabric cases for its Pixel line of smartphones, although the company has since moved onto using silicone for its first-party cases.

Source: MacRumors

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