Sharp’s Android TVs are looking just as sweet as anyone’s, and here’s our first look at them


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Sharp Android TV DSC07923

Sony might be the biggest manufacturer making Smart TVs with Android TV, but they aren’t the only ones. Sharp also threw its hat into the bag, and the company brought their wares to CES for all to check out. We stopped by their bright booth to get a look at the units in person.

There isn’t anything unusual or out of the ordinary going on here. It’s a sleek and slim TV — probably not as slim as Sony’s, mind you — and it runs Android TV. Beyond that standard experience, Sharp will install its SmartCentral software to give you access to their unique features and apps while still giving you full access to Google Play and Android TV as it was meant to be used.

We’re not sure about the functional specs inside, though the TVs clearly have enough juice to run demanding games as you can tell from the shot above. Said games will be compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled gamepad. Other remote options include the standard voice-activated remote control that comes stock with a touchpad for navigating the Android TV interface any which way you choose.

Sharp Android TV DSC07926

As for the display specs, we’re told they’ll have models of varying sizes and resolutions available with Android TV. Most of their Ultra HD sets are expected to have the software once they launch later this year, but they didn’t have any specifics to mention in regards to exact models and resolutions. In any case, Sharp makes some of the finest display panels in the industry and they deserve your attention just as much as Sony if you’re in the market for an Android TV later this year.

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  1. I am a huge fan of Sharp’s TVs. They’re some of the best in the industry, IMO, and they tend to sell them at a great price point as well.

    1. Agreed. I have owned my Sharp 32″ LED for 5 years now. It’s an excellent TV. Picked it up at Crutchfield before the Superbowl for a, then, steal of a price.

    2. Exactly. I love my Sharp Aquos TV, best picture on the market at the time when I got it IMO, however they are over priced. I think when I bought my 52″ it was 3k retail price about 3 years ago, and I got in on sale for $2200, but I have to say I don’t regret buying it, I regret maybe not going larger, but the 60″ at the time was not in stock and I wanted the glass screen so I went with quality over size.

    3. Sharp does make some damn nice TV’s, but I will wait until OLED style TV’s are common and cheap before moving on from my last generation Panasonic plasma. Though having Plex built into the TV through Android TV if the TV can output surround sound (unlike the Nexus Player or FireTV) on most codecs (dolby and dts, HD preferably) would just be amazing…

  2. What are the specs….Snapdragon chipsets?

      1. OK thanks Q.

  3. I’ve been thinking of jumping from my Sharp 70″ up to the 80″ or even the 90″. I’ll hold off for now until the Android TV equipped model is out.

  4. Price points?

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