Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Smartwatch of 2014


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As we continue through our Readers’ Choice Awards countdown, we have reached the results for Best Smartwatch of 2014 as voted on by 1700 of our readers. This category is awarded to the top smartwatch released this year (Android Wear or otherwise).

Previously announced winners include Best New App of 2014 and Best New Game of 2014. See the full results here.

Honorable Mention: ASUS ZenWatch


While only receiving 6% of the total vote, the ASUS ZenWatch has been named the third-best smartwatch of 2014. One of the latest Android Wear devices to see release, the ZenWatch features a focus on stylish design alongside its strong hardware performance. As an Android Wear device, the watch syncs seamlessly with your smartphone providing notifications, app support, and more.

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Runner-up: LG G Watch R


Another recent Android Wear release comes in at number two with 11% of the vote. The LG G Watch R features a fully circular OLED display and a design that marries the modern tech of the smartwatch with the analog presentation of yesteryear. With strong battery life and fully capable hardware, the G Watch R might have made a run for first place had it only launched a bit earlier in the year.

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And the winner is: Motorola Moto 360

Moto 360 DSC06955

Motorola’s Moto 360 was among the first batch of Android Wear devices announced, but it stood out as a circular design amid a field of square competitors. Hype led to sellouts as soon as the smartwatch launched, and users have been more than pleased with the end product leading to an overwhelming 51% of the total vote (the highest of any category in our Readers’ Choice poll).

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A look at how voting broke down:


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  1. Amazing moto pulled that much draw

  2. The voters got it right on all three counts.

  3. Just bought a 360 yesterday and I’m absolutely in love with it.

  4. Heck the only thing they have in best buy is the 360 and the gwatch. they have a Zen section but no display. Nothing of the sort on the G watch R

    1. Local Best Buy just put out a display within the past 2 weeks.

  5. I would rather have put the G Watch R in 1st place, but that’s just me.

    1. That 51% disagrees with you, lawl.

    2. It should have been the winner with its superior battery life, amongst other things, but it’s what the users/readers have that won it.

  6. Goes to show that for the time being specs don’t matter in the smartwatch world.

    Moto did a great job, and they’re still the only ones that offered me a full metal option out of the box.

  7. For those of us who care about function more than form, I’d like to see a poll like this that doesn’t take cosmetics into account. Not saying it wouldn’t end up the same way, but I’m guessing people like the 360 for its looks above all else.

    1. Not of these watches have the utmost functions yet. GPS tracking is lacking, OEM Texting Apps aren’t supported, and dialing isn’t available. You have to pick and choose between what you want and get from each watch. The Gear S is nice, but you need to pair it with a Galaxy device to get the best out of it.

  8. Moto 360 may look nice, but the hype is too much. Incredibly overrated.

  9. I only wish the g watch r was plastic like a sports watch (ie timex ironman) instead of metal. In spite of metal being stronger it scratches more noticeably than any of my sports watches ever did.

  10. Still love my Galaxy Gear 2. Had it since it came out and still love it today.
    3+ Days of battery life, camera, all the notifications I need, good performance, tons of functionality, nice screen, normal watch band and always getting complements on how nice it looks.

  11. For $80 on sale Black Friday, the OG Pebble is a nice intro Smartwatch. It pretty much does everything for the non geek out there. Battery life is incredible, now has Android Wear support for Hangouts and actually had a dialer app. It’s kind of like having training wheels on your first bike…..I am almost ready to take the training wheels off for a Motorola G. Main reason is the color display. Another reason is the fact that you can only download eight apps to the pebble. You fill up the eight skits and then find a different app or watchface and have to delete one app. The display is really great in any lighting….glare or no glare. Like I said, it’s a great starter piece and really couldn’t beat it for $80.

  12. LOL…dude, what kind of poll question is this? You asked readers or “owners” of smartwatches which one was the best? LOL….for this poll (scientific or not), to merit credibility, the voters must have taken possession of all the watches where personal experiences can take place. Taking hold of all the watches in a stores display shelf does not count.

    The Moto 360 may have won by 51%….if you like to look at it THAT way. One can even look at it as 49% chose not to buy that watch.

    If the last paragraph of this post is true, then it stands to reason that the Moto 360 was going to win anyway. Then why bother ask the poll? Does one actually think, that the owner of a $250 watch is going to admit that he or she bought a mistake and claim that his or her purchase isn’t the best?

    IMO, very bad poll question to ask.

    1. That and all the people who bought the Moto360 when it came out haven’t been shopping other watches for the most part, I would wager. So basically the Moto360 won because it came out first. Looking at specs, it’s clearly not the best smartwatch. Smaller battery, outdated CPU, smaller battery, shorter battery life. My Zenwatch bests it in all those categories, is metal construction, and thinner to boot. But hard to get a hold of, so not nearly as many people can even talk about it because they haven’t even seen one.

      1. It looks better than any other smartwatch out, it performs well, battery last all day, and with interchangeable metal bands with different color variations makes this an obvious win. Dealing with watches internal specs arent everything. As long as it gets me through an entire day, does what it claims to do, and look good doing it is why I voted. I hated the LG G R due to the static compass. Makes changing faceplates look ugly when the faceplate already have those built in and is still surrounded by those static numbers. Or whne you want a nice sleek modern face plate and those numbers make it look like an updated Timex watch.

        1. See, this is why this poll was worthless. It isn’t showing which smartwatch is the best based on tests and stats, it’s all just opinion. I personally think the Zenwatch looks way better than the Moto360, I think that looks like an Oreo strapped to a wrist. But those are just opinions, and seeing as ask the watches in the poll are virtually identical besides looks, it’s just saying what personal preferences are. And round seems to be winning.

          1. True..

        2. I’d rather have that compass than the flat tire on the 360.

          1. Yes this flat tire look does suck but with a dark face installed you can not tell.

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