Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Tablet of 2014


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We are halfway through our unveiling of your selections for the winners of our 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards. Today we are announcing the Best Tablet of 2014 as voted on by over 1700 of our readers. This category, as the name implies, goes to the best Android tablet released during the calendar year 2014.

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Honorable Mention: Samsung Galaxy Tab S


Samsung released numerous Galaxy Tabs this year, but the one that stood out was the Galaxy Tab S. We enjoyed Samsung’s iPad competitor as much as the 8% of you who voted for the slight. With a slim and light design, powerful hardware, and hi-res Super AMOLED display, Samsung really stepped it up with the Tab S series.

Read our full Galaxy Tab S review

Runner-up: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

nvidia shield tablet lollipop tease

The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet seemingly came out of nowhere to quickly become one of the most favored Android tablets available. Designed with NVIDIA’s powerful Tegra K1 processing suite, the slate is perfect for gamers and casual users alike. NVIDIA’s dedication to fast and frequent Android OS updates have kept the tablet relevant months after its release.

And the winner is: Nexus 9

Nexus 9 DSC07280

It’s not really surprising that the only Nexus tablet released in 2014 also took home the prize for best tablet. 38% of readers participating in our poll voted the HTC-made Nexus 9 as their favorite of the year. The first device to officially ship with Android 5.0, the N9 sets the benchmark for all Lollipop tablets to come.

Here is the break down of voting for Best Tablet:


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  1. surprising results! i dislike samsung and touchwiz as much as the next person, but samsung is on another level with their tablets. i really thought a samsung tablet would be the winner.

    1. yeah i never thought a nexus 9 would win. I was banking on shield. Well I guess android purist are in abundance here, no offence to anyone

      1. Now let’s ask how many of those voted for N9 actually have the device.

        1. 6 lol

        2. I voted for it and I own one. I love it. I have the LTE version and it is a big improvement on the Nexus 7 LTE. The Nexus 7 LTE always had connection issues, but the Nexus 9 LTE works great.

          Now let’s ask how many of those who are dissing the Nexus 9 have actually seen one in person and are just going on some reviewers say so.

          1. I’ve seen it, and while it may be a great device, I can’t personally stand 4:3 aspect ratio. All the reasoning for it being close to the standard paper’s AR break for a guy with a non-North-American background, as I’m used to A4 format, which is taller and narrower than Letter.

          2. More like 5:4? Aka 1280×1024? Yeah I once used a 19″ CRT with that ratiobefore getting my first 1600×900 20″ Hp switched to 16:10 and have never looked back at either 4:3 or 16:9 its just a much better ratio then both to be honest.

  2. I’m 4/4 so far ! Woo ! Great minds think alike

  3. Woo I have a Nexus 9

  4. Galaxy tab s would definitely be the winner with a total reworking of touchwiz. Hopefully with Lollipop they will finally change their UI. Touchwiz is less annoying on tablets. On smartphones Touchwiz is horrific. Glad to be enjoying my Nexus 6

  5. I am very surprised considering the issues of the Nexus 9

  6. Happy with my Shield, kudos of sorts to Nexus 9 owners.

  7. I have no idea how the Nexus 9 won that… It’s a huge disappointment and I honestly think the Tab S should take the top spot even if it’s ridden with Touchwiz.

  8. Overpriced tablet wins? Nexus7 is still the best taking price and performance into consideration.

    1. Thats only if you don’t have the now bricked 2012 WiFi only Nexus 7. I used to love my tablet until the Lollipop update.

      1. I should have clarified. I meant the 2013 version. My 2012 never ran right.

  9. I’m happy with my Tab S 8.4.

  10. Tab s honorable mentiond? I have both and they are by far the best tabs I have ever owned. I don’t mind TouchWiz but I run nova. I put them in the best tabs every not just this year.

  11. Note 12

    1. was going to say the same thing. I like mine a lot and have had 0 issues.

  12. Note Pro 12

  13. So the Nexus 9 won despite all of the light bleed and slow response issues? I guess the readers of Phandroid put heavier weighting on cost, but in that case we should we including some of the cheap Chinese brand tablets as well.

  14. The nexus 9 sucks. HTC dropped the ball again

    1. Have you actually used one?

  15. just got a N-9 for my wife on wednesday evening to stop her from whining about her 3 year old XYBOARD.

    the VZW LTE aint ready yet but my wife is silent.

    goin’ to scrape up ‘smore money and get one for me.

    slippery fast, awesome battery life, perfect size and head of the line for all updates, no brainer.

  16. Man! what a low threshold for tablets. The n9 had so many issues. If your only option is the n9 your’e better off getting an ipad mini 2.

    1. I personally have a Kidnle Fire HDX 8.9″ (2013) and even got the Goole play store installed along with the other google services so I get a great tablet and still have access to everything. For me the Nexus 9 would be a downgrade not an upgrade.

  17. Eh. I dumped my Nexus 9 quick. Poor quality control or build quality in general turned me off from it. Been rocking the Z3 Tablet Compact for a couple of weeks and it is fantastic.

    1. Yeah the Samsung Pro 13″ is much better built and better for media.

    2. Z3 tablet compact rocks! I love mine.

  18. Meh…. I’ll stick with my 10.1 Note 2014 Edition.

  19. The Sony Xperia z3 tablet compact should have won. While it has a terrible name, anyone who’s used it probably would agree. It is expensive, but it’s by far the best in my book. The Nexus 9 feels very cheapy in comparison.

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