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We’ve tallied the responses of over 1700 of our readers and the results are in. We start our 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards with the picks for Best New App. We’ll be ticking off a new category each day for the remainder of the year, so be sure to check back to see what your fellow Phandroid readers voted the tops in categories including Best Phone, Biggest Fail, and Manufacturer of the Year.

Honorable Mention: AirDroid 3


AirDroid has been a favorite of Android users for years, allowing easy management of a mobile device from a desktop computer. With the latest release, AirDroid 3, improved continuity features are added to allow users to receive and manage notifications from a PC or Mac, respond directly to text messages and calls, transfer files, and much more. More impressive is the fact that AirDroid 3 was only officially released in beta on December 3rd, but still managed to capture 10% of the vote.

AirDroid 3 at Google Play

Runner-up: Google Camera

google camera

Google made a strong push forward this year in its strategy of separating certain apps from the core of the Android ecosystem and making them available directly via Google Play, but the most popular according to our readers was Google Camera. Google Camera offers a simple, fast interface that belies some of its more advanced features like lens blur, Photo Sphere, and HDR+. Support for Android Wear provides a remote viewfinder via any supported smartwatch.  Google Camera brought in 15% of the total vote.

Google Camera at Google Play

And the Winner Is: Inbox by Gmail

With an overwhelming 26% of reader votes, our winner for Best New App of 2014 is another Google offering: Inbox by Gmail. The app gained some intrigue thanks to its invite-only launch that has kept users part of an exclusive club, but those that have got their hands on the new email management tool have raved about Google’s Gmail alternative. Designed to make managing email easy so you don’t lose track of important messages, Inbox highlights pertinent info, provides the ability to set reminders and snooze messages, and includes the built-in power of Gmail and Google Search.

Inbox by Gmail at Google Play

For those curious, here is how the voting for Best App of 2014 broke down by the numbers.


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  1. In the pie chart “Google Came”.. Good to know.

    1. It’s a messy app O.o

  2. Can I say Inbox is a piece of crap? (I’ve been dying for an invite but I was veeery disappointed…)

    1. I’ll just keep using Gmail…

    2. Ditto, I totally don’t get why people are falling over themselves for inbox.

    3. Yep it sucks for me because I naturally only keep 5-10 e-mails in my Inbox already. I think it is only helpful for disorganized folks.

  3. Switched from Gmail to inbox and haven’t looked back.

  4. Inbox is underpowered, shows way too little information and is a pain in the butt!

  5. Pushbullet?

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