T-Mobile will give you unlimited LTE data for a year if you refer a friend, disses Sprint just because


John Legere

T-Mobile has made a bold move today by announcing a new friend referral initiative. Instead of the usual unattractive offering of $20 that other carriers might give you for getting your friends signed up on their network, T-Mobile’s giving you something that you can truly use: unlimited 4G LTE data.

As it stands, T-Mobile’s unlimited LTE data plans come in at a minimum of $80 per month. With this new promotion, you could be on their $50 plan (unlimited data, 1GB of which is LTE) and end up with unlimited LTE goodness for one full year.

Your friend will also have access to that perk for the year, so both of you can bask in the glory of being able to download however much crap you want. And if you’re already grandfathered into unlimited LTE, T-Mobile will give you $10 per month on your bill — win, win, win.


The move is another great blow to the other carriers that should heat competition up even more. T-Mobile already had a pretty sweet deal in place for those who felt they were bound by their contracts (by paying for their ETFs) and this is just another big offer that will help them steal even more subscribers from the other three carriers.

Interestingly enough, T-Mobile has taken their marketing sights off AT&T and focused on Sprint this time around — their press release boldly calls the Now Network out by name:

Sprint’s customers have suffered much. They’ve endured the Framily.  They’ve endured America’s slowest nationwide LTE network.  And now again, the (ironically named) carrier has forsaken its loyal customers, offering its latest, “best deals” to everyone but its own current customers. It’s hard to watch.

Some might see it as a defensive stance due to Sprint seemingly stepping up their value and trying to take a bit of thunder away from T-Mobile under the direction of new Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. Just this morning, Sprint announced a new $60 unlimited everything plan that should have everyone else worried.

Of course, T-Mobile might contend that no one will care about unlimited service if said service is shoddy, and they might have a point. But Sprint’s network is improving every day, and should they finally get over the poor performance hump everyone else better look out.

The promotion will begin starting Friday, August 29th and you’ll be able to sign up for it right here. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage.

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  1. Wow… This is getting good.

    And I hate my friends.>,.,<
    I told them about Tmo and they didn't refer me!? I need to slap the mess out of them. LoL!!
    Oh well, I'll just make sure next time. Haha!!

  2. Do I have to have a friend refer to get the free unlimited?
    Also, can I come from a prepaid carrier? IE the New Cricket and still get this?

    1. Says Sprint specifically. It’s only targeted to their direct customers.

      1. No it doesn’t. If you read the press release it says “Starting next week, whenever a T-Mobile Simple Choice customer throws a lifeline to a Sprint (or AT&T or Verizon) customer and brings them to the Un-carrier, both receive unlimited LTE data for a full year on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast LTE network, at no additional charge. “

        1. My bad, I read from a different source which focused on the Sprint diss.

  3. Well.. They’re right. Sprint has the slowest Unlimited ever. I hate sprint passionately. Took me three days of traveling to cancel

  4. Hmmmm….sounds like a very good deal.

  5. Somewhat relevant John Legere tweet:

    Apparently @sprint doesn’t know who their competition is. @MetroPCS offers $60 unlimited incl taxes and fees! #whoops

  6. Can you refer 2 people and get it on more than 1 line?

  7. You can only get this plan if you BYOD or buy one off-contract, or do their “Easy Pay” plan (subsidized over 2 years). Their previous/current subsidized plan is more expensive, but the cost of the phone subsidy is included. So it’s not quite like they’re giving their current customers the shaft. Buying a phone outright or paying for it over 2 years, and you’re not really saving much money, especially if you add extra services. Notice that there’s no mention of mobile hotspot included, and Sprint charges a ton for that.

    In the end, most customers will end up paying as much or even more with this so-called $60/mo plan as they will with T-Mobile. Unless I’m missing something obvious.

  8. I can start expecting to see ads on Craigslist:

    Refer Me! Or I refer You! Inland Empire ($9999)

    Hello CL. I want to take advantage of T-Mobiles new Unlimited LTE..I am on Tmobile,. If you let me refer you we both can get unlimited LTE.if you are considering T-Mobile text or call me 909-555-4321. No Flakes!!! Meet at public place. We can discuss the details.. Please don’t waste both of our time..Serious inquiries only!!!

    1. im going to copy and paste this :D

    2. I got mine up on CL right now. Thanks for the template bro!!!

  9. T-Mobile, this would have been so nice to know a couple of weeks ago… oh well.

  10. I don’t think t-mobile can say anything about bad networks…….

  11. I had T-Mobile and I dropped them like a hot cake with ice on it, my question to whom`s going for that, what T-Mobile going to do after the one year is over? At lease Sprint has it unlimited all the year around. T-Mobile has worst network more than Sprint out the big city in most cases.
    I travel between Wisconsin and Michigan, I have Sprint and my cousin has T-Mobile after his dad switch from Sprint, my cousin most the trip can`t use his IPhone, Plus they getting drop calls like crazy. I don`t know how T-Mobile can explain their bad network at this point.
    To me T-Mobile to the $3 BLN from AT&T and trying to act as they are the king of the road.
    Sprint network been improving since the last two years and yes they to improve it more.

    1. Advertising isn’t required to be truthful.

    2. Agreed I am in the same general area and t-mobile is a no go around here.

    3. I dropped Sprint. Service sucks, customer service sucks, and their network is NOT getting better… You must work for Sprint !

  12. T-Mobile seems to be owning the market; financed phones, cheap no contract plans, free international roaming service (sms and 50MB data), etc.

    I love these guys.

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