Samsung introduces a single micro USB cable that splits into 3 (but the price may surprise you)


Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger 1

We’re living in a multi-device world and thanks to the very common micro USB standard, there’s a good chance most of your devices can be charged using the same micro USB cable. But what if you have only a single charger and 1 USB cable? You’d have to wait for your phone to charge before plugging in your smartwatch, headphones, or Bluetooth speaker — not good.

Although there are plenty of options when it comes to chargers with multiple USB ports, for a single USB cable solution, your options are far more limited. Sure you can find 3-in-1 USB cables just about anywhere, but for the most part, the connectors are made to support multiple devices (an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, etc.. For whatever reason, finding a single USB cable that can split into nothing but multiple micro USB connectors is much less commonplace.

Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger 2

Samsung knows this, which is why — given their vast product portfolio of devices featuring micro USB ports — they’ve introduced their “Multi-Charging Wall Charger.” Because there’s nothing fun about our devices fighting over a single USB charger, the cable allows for 3 devices micro USB devices to connect to a single port charger. Pretty nifty if you don’t feel like carrying around multiple USB cables or find yourself somewhere with only a single port charger available (like an airport or someone’s house where it’s built into the wall socket).

Speaking of the charger, the wall wart portion only outputs at 2A and distributes the power flow evenly between connected devices. This means with 2 devices, each will only receive 1A (or 667mA for 3 devices). It’s this, in addition to the steep $40 asking price, that will likely be a deal breaker for some. Especially considering multi-port USB chargers, although much more bulky, offer just as much value (and for much less).


Chris Chavez
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  1. Ridiculous price – expect clones soon! 2 Amps is only just enough for one of the more recent devices such as their own Note3 and probably the Note4. I use a very nice Anker adaptor with 5 ports and a total of up to 8 Amps that is shared between devices. It’s the 71AN7105 and is less than half the price!

    1. Yeah, I linked to a 7 port / 12A charger for $36 in the post:

      1. Been looking for something like this for a while, thanks!!!

      2. Excellent – just bought one on your recommendation from Amazon. A fail for Samsung.

    1. Thank you!! I was just talking about the thing Chris posted, I just forgot where he did. You’ve saved me. I wanted the one he posted. It seemed legit. I’m sure I can find it from here.

      1. This is the one Chris posted , which is a 7 port.

  2. Oh, and just for good measure (so people really don’t overspend), if you have similar issues in the car, where your friends and family need a charger (and don’t have a portable backup battery charger), I’ve purchased two for my 2 cars What’s great is that there are 2 ports for Apple users that deliver 3.1A (which, when using a splitter, can deliver just enough juice to charge an Android smartphone and accessory).

  3. I’ve never been that strapped for space that I couldn’t throw an extra cable or two and a multi port charger in the bag.

    1. This would benefit me, though I’d prefer just the cord. I have a 2A adapter.

      Though now that I got paid, I’m thinking about getting that USB thing that splits USB’s but gives everything the highest charge they need. The box plugs into a wall, that cord connects to this box, and the box has female ports, about four. Chris posted a link before.

      I’m hoping he sees this comment so he can post it again since it was posted in a comment. =.3

      1. There’s a number of them. I personally have the 5 port 40watt Ankar one with iQ. Compact and works well.

      2. Chris posted the link at the end of the article. Those blue “and for much less” words in the parentheses are a link to the 7 port hub you’re looking for.

  4. Other than the fact that this would cause issues if it has the data lines and was plugged into a computer. This could be a potential fire hazard if the wire guage was not large enough to carry 6A+ on the main trunk.

    It also just seems like a really dumb idea.

    1. Did you not read the article..? The wall wart will only output 2A, and the flow gets evenly split. You’re really dumb :)

  5. /waits for monoprice version

  6. Wall Huggers and share 6 to an outlet now.

  7. Samsung accessories are ridiculously overpriced when sold directly from them.

  8. That is much to little juice output per 1 connection.

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