Sprint’s new $60 unlimited talk, text, and data plan – begun, the price war has


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We heard talk since last week of Sprint’s plans to start a pricing war in the US, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re more than ready. It was only 2 days ago we saw them take their first steps with a $100 20GB Family Plan for up to 10 lines. Pretty nuts considering each line got 2GB of data in addition to pulling from the pool of 20GB. Love it.


Today, Sprint is continue to make things uncomfortable for rival carriers by introducing a $60 unlimited data plan. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data and goes head-to-head with T-Mobile’s $80 a month unlimited plan. AT&T and Verizon? Well, they don’t do unlimited. In a press release Sprint’s brand new CEO Marcelo Claure said:

“People know Sprint for Unlimited. We have long been the leader in offering customers unlimited data and that leadership continues today with our new $60 unlimited plan. Unlimited talk, text and data for $60 is the best unlimited postpaid plan available. And, we’ve listened to our loyal customers; we’re making the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan available to both new and existing customers.”

The new plan will be available to both new and existing customers starting tomorrow, with Sprint mentioning in order to qualify, customers will need to have purchased a device through Sprint Easy Pay, have paid for their device in full, or brought an existing device for service. It’s definitely a T-Mobile approach to doing things, and we can’t wait to see how the other big 3 respond.

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  1. Oh wow

  2. Sounds good on paper, but their coverage still sucks :(

    1. i never had an issue with coverage, it was their speeds that killed me

      1. I’ve never had issues with Sprint coverage or speeds. The only thing that drove me to Verizon recently was the way they wanted to handle my upgrade.

        But, as things sit, I’m currently paying Verizon $60/mo for unlimited talk, text, and 2GB data. More than enough for me at this point and Verizon’s coverage in my experience is on par with Sprint’s as well as their data speeds.

    2. YMMV with EVERY cell carrier’s coverage. Stop friggin whining about it already.

  3. I don’t even bother trying to contact most of my friends who have Sprint, such a wildcard texting them.

  4. AFT!

  5. Atlanta based WSB Radio mentioned on Monday that Sprint had been testing an unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $50 in the Chicago area. I guess they decided the extra $10 was needed..

  6. oooOoooOoo. Well too bad Sprint doesn’t work anywhere with 4 walls and a roof.

    1. Solution…

      1. I’m over here crackin up at that

    2. Except my house, and work, and school. And every business and sporting venue I’ve been to.

      You were saying?

      1. Open roof stadiums might work. But even then the amount of people taxing Sprints cell networks in one place might slow your data down to potato speed.

        1. The amount of people taxing any cell network will slow your speeds down. Sprint’s network operates, in general, no different than any of the other carrier networks. In fact, Sprint and the other carriers have finally gotten smart and started deploying the “mini cell sites” to areas that see high traffic demand during sports seasons.

          Sprint carries the mini cell sites with them to each Nascar track. And all carriers deploy them at certain college football stadiums. The University of Georgia just announced recently that they’ll have mini cell sites around the stadium to enhance signal for users of all four carriers.

  7. The problem people had Sprint is, judging the carrier base on what other saying.
    I have one big question to everyone claiming that Sprint network is really bad.
    Can anyone of these guys come on and tell me Sprint service bad everywhere in the country with a prove. People problem is seems uneducated in away. If someone has bad service on his/her area not that mean everywhere is bad.
    My cousin has T-Mobile but when he is travelling between Detroit area and Milwaukee, WI, 60% of his time can’t use his data nor the phone but in Detroit area is working better with far call drop.

  8. I’ve never had a problem with sprints service and usually get 20+ mps

  9. Sprint was great when they had the 30$ sero plans. Then they tacked on the 10$ premium data fee. I was cool with that despite the fact they didn’t have 4g at the time. Wimax is a joke and sprint has no intentions of building a 4g network in Hawaii because we have Wimax (which sucks) so this is why I jumped ship. Now I pay 47$ a month for unlimited everything through t-mobile but I paid a pretty penny to cancel ally sprint lines so in the end it’ll be a while before I really save anything. Just the great speedy service alone is worth the switch. If sprint invested in their network more I probably would have still been there.

    1. Sprint has 4g in hawaii not just wimax..they currently rebuilding their entire network… your commrnt was true 4 years ago.. let go of the hate.. and download sensorly… and see the 4g love you have…

      1. Do you actually use sprint 4g in Hawaii? The Sprint network map still shows only 3G to me and the forums all say it’s coming in 6 or so months but this was January of 2014. Maybe they have it but I don’t know.

  10. Take note AT&T and Verizon!!!!!! Customers WANT unlimited data at REASONABLE rates!!!!!!

  11. So naive Sprint. “People know Sprint for Unlimited”. Uhhh no, Sprint. That’s not what we remember you for.

  12. I’ve had Ting (Sprint) for the last 3 months and it has been pretty good. The high speed data coverage is way less than Verizon, but it is well worth the price difference. It is actually great at my house, at work, and at the beach, 4G at all. But that doesn’t matter since I am always on Wifi to save data. I am not a big data/voice/text person, but I do need it when I need it. So Ting works perfect for me. I am not always on my phone, but it is nice to know my data et al is there when I need it, even if it is not the best coverage/speed. My first months bill (after tax) was $35, the next $33, and my last bill was $40. If you are not a big phone user and flexible usage rates interest you, and you are a cheapskate like me, give it a try.

    1. I looked at Ting, but went with T-Mo’s $30 prepaid 100 minutes, unlimited text, 5GB data plan. I don’t make many calls, so 100 minutes is enough, and 5GB data (technically unlimited, but throttled after 5GB) is more than enough.

      1. That was main choice for a little while. But I used a usage app for a couple months before my Verizon contract ended and realized I need about 200 minutes a month. I was really hoping Google would get true voip embedded in Hangouts before my contract ended, but as you well know, that has yet to happen yet. Once voip comes to Hangouts, that $30 Tmobile deal is going to be a very popular plan. As it already is with people that don’t use voice much.

  13. See, this is why im glad sprint didn’t buy tmobile. If they did, this, and any further competitive prices as a result of it wouldnt exist!

  14. T-Mobile has sort of answered by doing the referral program for free LTE for a year which if people do that, then it undercuts Sprint by 10 or if you’re on the grandfathered Simple Choice, you get the $10 credit, which puts it on part with the Sprint plan. Though it makes me wonder if tmobile will strike back in a more permanent way.

    Also the family data share thing is a rip. After 2015, they’ll start charging you that monthly $15 access fee per line they’re waiving during the promotion.

  15. These may be the “shots fired” that finally disrupts AT&T and Verizon. Granted, I’m on team T-mobile through and through, but this is the competition that needs to happen in mobile. Now if the cable companies could get a force like this, there might be hope for consumers yet…. Or if Dish buys T-mobile…. Hmmmm,

    1. Totally agree. I’m a T-Mo fan as well, but I’m glad the price war has finally begun.

      This won’t happen in cable. There are very few places with more than one cable company. The cable companies have to compete with satellite, but cable can just bundle TV with Internet and phone for deals that seem good (but usually aren’t), while satellite doesn’t have that option and can only lower their TV prices so far due to the networks charging them more and more to carry their channels.

  16. OMFG Unlmited Data! WOOHOO!! Oh…wait…not it’s Sprint. Sprint should just charge $5 for 1GB of data per month, because trust me, over all, you’d be lucky to be able to use 1GB a month across 4 lines because their network is so slow.

    1. Everyone complaining about their speeds, I feel bad for you son! I got 99 problems but bad Sprint speeds is not one. I easily used 10GB of data a month on their networks in the bay area California. Your speeds vary on where they are spending money to target customers.

      1. Not me. I left Sprint. I’m on AT&T I average around 35 MBPS where I go. I Hit over 50 MBPS at times. I’m talking about prior experience.

  17. You have to hand it to Sprint this is a great play. For those who don’t know to much about data and speeds ” Which is probably halph their customers” this sounds amazing to the average Joe.

    1. It all started because of TMo. TMo are the progressive ones and were and are forcing everyone else to compete. Fun…

  18. Holy sh**! I totally forgot that Michael Jackson was black! o_O

  19. Damn good deal if you live in a good coverage area. Unfortunately I’m not one of the ones that do.

  20. I love the people that just bash sprint. I will admit 2 years ago their network was spotty. But its got much better. a lot better… in fact my friend on verizon is switching to sprint because his LTE speeds are less than 2 mbps I average 20mbps with a ping of only 29. and have true unlimited . I average over 30GB a month. So continue to bash sprint .I will just continue to laugh . while I only pay 60/month for unlimited everything

  21. Both T-MO and sprint are willing to go on a pricing war to prove who is cheapest and include unlimited data….what i find mind boggling is that sprint just dropped back down to pricing structure of 2008-2010 levels but without the horrendous premium data fee. it seems like they want to gain back millions of customers they lost over the last 4 years, but what worries me is will they once again find someway to increase plan pricing like they were doing between 2010-’14?

    This whole thing also touches on another debate which tech sites should be grilling sprint and t-mobile on..why all the aggressive pricing over the years to then make substantial drops, then to still include unlimited data. and if unlimited data is no issue then whats going on that 2 Telcos are willing to stay unlimited and the other 2 are willing to go the tiered route? It seems like the trend can either go towards tiered data, or BACK towards unlimited data. Its all up in the air with everyone testing their grounds with the net neutrality debate, data fast lanes, debates about data usage and network congestion….i mean this battle right now is making absolutely no sense in the long run.

    Sprints Plans are a mess and contradict the savings this new plan gives:
    1.60 dollar unlimited plan, and we dont know about any fees or restrictions or if the unlimited part is for all data across 3G & 4G. this takes it back to the nearly 69.99 450 everything data plan which is awesome

    2. my-way all in plan…110? for 5GB of data tethering included….compared to the 60 dollar plan its like they are saying hotspot tethering is worth 50 bucks more….so this plan runs in direct contradiction to the 60 dollar plan….they could have drop the “my-way all-in” down to 79.99 or 84.99 and make it even more enticing just to have the tethering option.

    3.Framily……SMH, this is a family plan of disaster for anyone staying under 3 lines, ur looking to pay alot and will only drop considerably once u pass 4 or 5 ppl…this is in direct contradiction to the value sprint wishes to give with 60 dollar plan, in direct contradiction to the word “savings”. plus “tierd data” to top it off with a 60 dollar plan encouraging “Unlimited data”

    4..this new 20 GB for a 100 then bum rush ya with fees after a year is a joke.

    they need a clear message and stance, a restructuring of the wording on their plans.

    1. Totally agree with #4! My brother heard about that deal and was going to get on it with his family I said nooooo! Lol. He’d be paying almost 200 when 2016 hits. As far as point #2, from everything I read, it looks like there’s a solid deal there.

      Overall, I think Sprint is trying to simplify things with these new plans (and the removal of framily) , also it appears Sprint is trying to get everyone off subsidies, as the only way you can get on these new plans is if you finance a phone or BYOD. Even to the point on the family data share plans they are going to charge you a cool $40 access fee for a subsidized device.

  22. So I wonder if corporate discounts can be applied to this plan as well?

  23. Living in a spark coverage area and my contract ending with Verizon I am going to take advantage of it. I wish T-Mobile had coverage near me but I have to drive 40 minutes from my house to get coverage. There will be a few places I travel that sprint will be horrible but luckily unlimited tethering through my Verizon work iPhone will be my backup in areas not covered.

  24. This just proves that if plans like this can be offered, then carriers that charge more (not to mention for less) are just ripping us off greatly.

  25. Good Star Wars reference.

  26. Didn’t sprint have an $80 subsidized plan for unlimited everything? This is the same except you have to either buy a phone retail or do the monthly installment. You’ll only benefit after 2 years vs the old subsidized plan. If you upgrade yearly or every 2 years then it’s no different.

  27. in illinois at least…i dont really care if sprint advertises a $5 unlimited everything plan….they can give me an account and a phone for free if they want to. it won’t do any good if i can’t USE the plan or device. sprint shouldn’t even be allowed to advertise 4G.

  28. I’m pretty sure the consensus is that Sprint generally sucks. I was a customer until the iPhone 5 came out and realized I was getting ~200 Kb/sec data speeds.

    There are alternatives now, and T-Mobile seems to be owning the market; financed phones, cheap no contract plans, all kinds of benefits..


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