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April showers bring May flowers, but also new app releases. Yes, another month has gone by and summer is just about to officially kick off. There were some great new app releases and major updates in the world of Android this month. If you’ve been outside enjoying the warmer weather you may have missed a few of them. That’s where we come in. Here are the best apps to launch this month, and a few major updates that you should check out. Go forth and be download!

AllCast Reciever


AllCast is an awesome app that allows you to send almost anything to a Chromecast. In order to get this working with the Fire TV the developer made a special app called “AllCast Receiver.” This app essentially turns the Fire TV, and any other Android device, into a Chromecast. Now you can send stuff from one device to another. It’s very cool. Check it out for free or unlock the full version for $4.99.



Catching a bus in the modern age is not nearly as difficult as it once was. BoltBus by Greyhound is the perfect example of this. With this new app you can buy a bus ticket right from your phone. No more fiddling with crappy machines or wonky websites. The app is actually really well designed. If you use a Greyhound bus often this app will quickly become one of your favorites. It is available for free from Google Play.

Bright Weather

bright weather

There is no shortage of weather apps in the Play Store. LevelUp Studio, the creators of Beautiful Widgets, have entered the ring with Bright Weather. This gorgeous new app claims to be the most “comprehensive weather app” available for Android. We don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly could be one of the prettiest. You can try it out for free in the Play Store right now.



Klout has undergone some serious changes in the past year. The service that used to be all about tracking your social importance is now more about helping you share great content. It uses the same tools from before, but now it’s using that information to suggest things you might want to share. Their brand new Android app will help you do all of this on the go. It’s available for free.

Motorola Alert

Motorola Alert screenshots

Alongside the launch of the Moto E, Motorola unveiled a new app to be your personal body-guard. Motorola Alert works by sending location-based alerts to a circle of friends/family of your choosing. This can be set to alert a parent when their child arrives safely at home, or alert a wife when her husband has left for/arrives at work. This app can come in handy during emergencies, and it won’t kill your battery in the process. You don’t need a Motorola device to download this app for free.

NomNom Finder


Food trucks are all the rage these days if you live in a big city. Instead of you going to a restaurant to eat the truck can come to where the people are. Since they move around a lot it can be hard to find your favorite truck. NonNom Finder is a new app that allows you to easily see where food trucks are on a map. It’s well designed, simple to use, and super handy when you’re in the mood for some food. It can be yours for free.


Secret, which has been an iOS exclusive for the past 4 months, is now available for Android. Secret allows you to “speak freely” by sharing your thoughts with friends while being anonymous. The idea behind Secret came about so that people could share moments, like posts, and re-share other’s posts without the need to be embarrassed. The coolest thing about Secret is that the secrets are from people you know, which makes it more fun. Download it today for free.



One of the coolest new apps from this month is called Slyde. This app is a new way to do multitasking on your Android device. Instead of using the built-in multitasking button you simply slide a little round button over to the app you wish to open. You can add your five favorite apps to the slide out area. It’s a really quick way to switch between your often-used apps. Slyde is $0.99 from the Google Play Store.



What do you get when you take the social aspect out of Foursquare? Swarm. This new app from Foursquare aims to make all of the social aspects of the original app easier to access. You can see when your friends are close-by, tag friends when checking-in, see a feed of what your friends have been up to, and much more. Swarm has some stiff competition in this space, such as Facebook Places, but this is a good start. Swarm is available for free.

Yahoo! News Digest

Keeping up with the news can be a difficult thing to do, especially since we all have busy lives. Many apps have tried to remedy this situation in the past, and Yahoo is the next to give it a try. News Digest sends you personalized news round-ups every morning and night. The stories are bundled with information that makes them easy to digest. News Digest is the perfect app for the casual news reader. It is available for free in the Play Store.

Big Updates



Pushbullet received a massive update this month. They have added a new sliding drawer navigation, a  new sharing interface, the ability to push to all devices, easier notification mirroring, improved tablet UI, and a better widget. If you’re not using Pushbullet you really should be. Download it for free.


tumblr profiles

This month Tumblr got serious about profiles in their mobile app. You can now fully customize the way your personal page/profile looks. Some of the customization options include background color, cover photo, font type, font color, highlight colors, and more. If you’re a Tumblr user be sure to go in and customize your profile. You can get Tumblr for free.


snapchat messaging update

One of the biggest updates from this month is Snapchat. This update puts the “chat” in “Snapchat.” Users can now send disposable text messages to each other ad view snaps in a conversation view. If your friend is viewing the conversation at the same time you can even do a live video call. It’s a whole new way to communicate with your friends. Snag the update for free from the Play Store.

That’s a wrap! Let us know if we missed any apps that launched in May. June should be another awesome month for new Android apps. We can’t wait!

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  1. Nomnom shouldn’t be on here…clearly isn’t supported in all major cities at all

  2. I can’t install Motorola Alert on ANY of my devices. And I have quite a wide variety.

  3. “I before e except after c”

  4. You actually DO need a Motorola device to use Motorola Alert.

  5. There are a lot of good looking weather apps but their radars are poo. Thats the main thing I use my weather app for being in construction. Nothing comes close to weatherbugs radar.

    1. I’m a big fan of the radar on the My-Cast Weather app.

  6. Too bad NomNom’s database sucks. Can we get a disclosure of YMMV on there? There are HUNDREDS of food trucks in my area, 0 on the app.

  7. Love that they use Portlands map of NomNom’s app :-D!!

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