Swarm finally arrives on Android, hardest part is getting all your friends onboard


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We’ve been following Foursquare’s development with Swarm for a few weeks now. After what feels like ages, the app is now finally available on Google Play. We already told you exactly how Foursquare’s social networking app works, with the real value of the app relying on a group of friends you actually want to keep up with.

Swarm by Foursquare

You and your friends check-in whenever you visit somewhere near, and using relative distances, you can see when a friend is nearby your location for a quick meetup. It’s not too far off from Facebook’s new location notifications, only… you know, less creepy. The hardest part will be finding friends to sign up for Swarm/Foursquare to make it worth your while. But Swarm does make the process a little easier by allowing you to sign in with your Facebook account.

In either case, looks like it’s going be me and my 38-year-old brother battling it out for mayorship of our parents’ basement. Download link provided below.

Download on Google Play: Swarm

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  1. The app is beautifully designed, doesn’t lag, is quite intuitive, and I really love the features. You’re spot on though – getting people to actively use it is going to be difficult. The hardcore Foursquare crowd (myself included) are all over it, but for the casual check-in folk, they’ll probably just stick with Facebook or nothing at all

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