May 14th, 2014


While yesterday’s newly announced Moto E may have skimped out on a few hardware specs to help keep costs low, it’s the software where the phone truly shines. Featuring Motorola’s stand back and let Android do its thing approach, the phone features a mostly stock Android 4.4 KitKat experience only with the inclusion of a few key Motorola apps.

We’ve already told you guys about Motorola exclusive apps like Active Display or Touchless Control, but with the release of the Moto E, Motorola is introducing their latest application — Motorola Alert. The app’s package name probably describes it best: “com.motorola.bodyguard.”

Motorola Alert screenshots

Motorola Alert works by sending location-based alerts to a circle of friends/family of your choosing. This can be set to alert a parent when their child arrives safely at home, or when alert wife when her husband has left for/arrives at work. For more emergency situations, blasting your location in the event you’ve been kidnapped or suffered a snake bite out in the woods should help provide some peace of mind for its users. The will continue updating your friends and family with periodic status updates to help conserve battery.

The best part about the app is it’s unbundled from Motorola’s OS and completely free to download on Google Play. While we’d love to see this on other Android devices, the app remains a Motorola Moto E exclusive at the moment. Motorola says to expect compatibility with the Motorola Moto G and Motorola Moto X in the near future (as well as the Motorola Moto X+1 whenever that drops). Perhaps Google can introduce a similar app in the near future?

Download on Google Play: Motorola Alert

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