May 21st, 2014

Secret, which has been an iOS exclusive for the past 4 months, is now available for Android. Secret allows you to “speak freely” by sharing your thoughts with friends while being anonymous. The idea behind Secret came about so that people could share moments, like posts, and reshare other’s posts without the need to be embarrassed, raise controversy, and most importantly: to just be themselves without filter.

With the launch of Secret on Google Play, Android users will have exclusive access to features that iOS users have been asking for since the beginning: two separate streams. First, a “Friend” stream and second, an “Explore” stream, where you can browse and share popular secrets from around the world. In addition to Android exclusive features, Secret’s update today brings about ways to make posts more engaging by including questions you can ask and respond to and view how many of your friends are using Secret.


Secret is all about sharing secretly. When you post on Secret, at first only your contacts with the app installed will see your anonymous post. Then, if your contacts heart or like your post, their contacts can now see the post. Then, those people can heart the post and their contacts will see it, etc. As you can see, your posts have a chance to go viral, spreading around from person to person, helping add more anonymity as additional people see and heart the secret.

As for security and privacy, contacts are hashed, so no raw phone numbers or personally identifiable information is sent to Secret to match friends to other friends. The metadata for each secret posted is also stored without referencing any a user. For a full breakdown of Secret’s privacy and security practices, head on over to their official blog post, which explains everything in great detail.

To start posting your inner most thoughts, head on over to the Google Play Store to install Secret. You’ll need a device rockin’ Android 4.1 and higher.

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