Phandroid Recap: Best lists, OnePlus One, and more! [April 27-May 3]



Another week is over, as well as another month. That means we had a bunch of great monthly recap lists go up, as well as a lot of other awesome stuff. Consider this your recap for recaps. We had lists for best apps and games to launch in April, lists for the best phones and tablets as of May, hands-on with the OnePlus One, tips & tricks for the Galaxy S5, and so much more. Here are the top stories you need to see.

Best Lists

best apps

As I mentioned above, at the end of each month we do several recap posts. We tell you about the best apps and games that launched in the past month, and update our top phones and tablets rankings. This week we also had a list for the top messaging apps for Android. You can find links to all of these lists below. They are great for catching up on everything that you may have missed.
Best Android Phones [May 2014]Best Messaging App for Android | Best Android Tablets [May 2014] | Best Android games from April | Best Android apps from April

OnePlus One equals marketing tricks and deception


So. This happened. I wrote an editorial about OnePlus’ relationship with Oppo. We’ve known for a while that there is some relationship between the two companies, but earlier this week some more information was rumored. Taking this information I explained my crazy conspiracy theory about how the OnePlus is a secret division of Oppo. Is it true? Probably not. But what if. What if.

Hands-on with the OnePlus One

Speaking of OnePlus, we were at the CyanogenMod event in San Francisco this week. There we got our first hands-on with the OnePlus One. The quick story is that this is an excellent device for $300. It’s an excellent device if it cost $600, too. Be sure to check out our hand-on video to get a feel for what the 1+1 has to offer, and whether or not you wanto smash (or donate) your old phone for it.

250 miles with the Galaxy S5


Kevin, our resident biking fanatic, went on a 250 mile ride across the state of Maryland last week. The phone he took to withstand this journey? The Samsung Galaxy S5. Here is an excerpt from his editorial.

The rain begins soaking through my poncho as I zip along the muddy towpath skirting the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. I’ve come 100 miles by bike through the mountains of western Maryland and still have 30 more to go before setting up camp for the night. For a moment there is a sinking feeling in my gut as I remember I forgot to stow my phone, which is now wrapped tight in the heavy, waterlogged fabric of my cycling jersey. Then I remember that phone is a Galaxy S5.

50+ Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips & Tricks

You want tips and tricks? We’ve got tips and ticks. Over 50 of them, to be exact, for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Rob shows you how to do everything from take a screenshot to disable S Voice. This massive list is perfect for new users (like your mom or dad). Save this list and send it to anyone that asks you a dumb question about the Galaxy S5.

Honorable Mention

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

Don’t want to smash your phone for a OnePlus One? You can now donate it instead

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