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Most people leaking photos of the LG G3 have been more concerned with showing that unique rear panel with volume and power buttons, but we finally get one of the first shots of the front of this thing. It doesn’t reveal a whole lot, though it really doesn’t have to — phones can be nearly indistinguishable from the front in this day and age.

But we do get a good look at how thin that bezel is, particularly on the left and right edges of the display. LG’s no doubt continuing their edge-to-edge display construction, which goes toward giving you a big phone in a slim form factor.

It’ll have to be as slim as possible if rumors of its size are to be believed — we’re told to expect a 5.5-inch display packed with 2560 x 1440 pixels. Materials look to be a glossy plastic, which is a bummer considering we were hoping they’d take some cues from the LG G Flex’s self-healing back.

It’s no matter, though, because we’re sure LG will have plenty more baked in to impress us. The LG G3 unveiling is expected to take place May 27th so it won’t be long until we see what, exactly, is in store.

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