Chromecast could launch in the UK this Wednesday



Google seems to be making nice on their promise to get Chromecast spread around the globe soon, as the first details of a launch outside America have been made public. According to a leaked Google product document, one of Google’s biggest products of the year should be heading to the UK starting this Wednesday, March 19th.

The document didn’t specifically mention Chromecast, though the HDMI dongle’s name has been in the news in recent weeks regarding worldwide availability.

Android Chief Sundar Pichai himself mentioned they were looking to finalize plans for a more global rollout back at SXSW, and recent leaks also mentioned the Chromecast was being prepped for a UK launch. Also revealed at SXSW was that Chromecast sales have been in the “millions” range, so it definitely could be classified as one of Google’s biggest product launches of the past year.

The device will apparently run you £30 whenever it does drop, though that’s only a rumored price and anything could change between now and then. We’ll be on the lookout for an official announcement from Google later this week if this is, in fact, true. Any of you UK folks planning to grab one of these?

[via ChromeSpot]

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  1. I’ve been using the chromecast in the UK for several months now and have to say overall im pretty pleased with it. Yes sometimes it does drop out and requires reconnecting but in general its pretty spot on for £35, which i paid through Amazon. Streaming films from the Play store has also been great…i predominantly use it stream music from Play Music store.

  2. I hope this release coincides with iPlayer/4OD support. Had a ChromeCast in the UK a while but not had much use for it besides firing up the occasional YouTube video.

    1. Not sure about 4OD, but according to androidpolice, the most recent iPlayer apk has strings and bits of code in it that are shared with other chromecast supported apps.


      1. Apparently the cast icons are in the BT Sport app too

        1. Nice!

          I imagine we’ll never, ever see Sky Go supported.

  3. I bought one in the states and I us it a lot for youtube and netflix. The only thing that was holding me back from buying a second one was the lack of iplayer support so I was glad to hear that’s coming too :) Shame we will get screwed on the price again. $35 should be £21 at current exchange rates but as we live on treasure island we have to bend over and take it again :(

    1. I’m not sure what other costs are added on top but VAT alone makes it over £25

    2. Knowing how prices for video games compare in North America vs Australia Chromecast may cost AU $95 there.

  4. I have been using one in Ireland for about a month now, I got it on Ebay from the states for $50 delivered. So far I have mainly been using it for Netflix. You can cast your desktop to your TV if you want to but this is only in BETA at the moment (it works)

  5. i wish we could get UK tv content over here in the USA.

    1. Eat, sleep, download, repeat.

  6. What about Canada, I know the whole hockey thing, but come on…haven’t we suffered enough! I WANT MY CHROMECAST!…, please

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