Mar 17th, 2014 publishUpdated   Feb 23rd, 2015, 1:02 pm

We’re just about a week away from HTC’s unveiling of the all new HTC One (also known in the tech community as the HTC M8), and the company has released what should be the final “Tech Translation” teaser leading up to its announcement.

Previous technical translation videos featured the device’s build quality, BoomSound speakers, and the camera. This one? It focuses on HTC Sense’s Zoe mode.

Zoe, if you don’t remember, is a feature in HTC’s camera software that takes your clips and photos and allows you to make a short highlight reel, of sorts. It’ll automatically piece together clips and photos, give you a theme, and spit out something ready to share with your family and friends. It’s not some super amazing killer feature or a powerful video editor capable of producing a blockbuster hit, but it’s there.

Of course, how this all plays out on the all new HTC One wasn’t revealed, with the video doing everything in its power to mask any details about the new features or the phone itself. We’ll just have to wait for March 25th to roll around for a taste of what’s toe come.

In other news, HTC Sense 6 was leaked on video, though there weren’t many surprises to be had. We got a look at all of the options for HTC’s Motion Sense feature, which allows you to wake the phone up by using display gestures.

Double Tap to wake the phone up is prominently featured alongside swipe left to wake the phone up into the widgets panel, swipe right to wake the phone up into BlinkFeed, swipe up to unlock the phone to the home-screen or the last app you were using, and using volume buttons in portrait mode to unlock the phone to the camera.

Unfortunately it seems like all of these gestures have to be performed while the phone is in your hand in portrait mode, so there is a bit of difference compared to LG’s KnockOn feature (which allows you to double tap the display to wake up no matter where it is). Beyond that, everything else looks like more of the same that we got on the HTC One, except now we have software buttons for navigation in lieu of hardware ones.

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