Chromecast sales revealed to be in the “millions” range on eve of expanded availability


Chromecast Featured ready to cast

Ever since Google announced the $35 Chromecast media streaming dongle, the company has enjoyed great success. We figured sales were off the charts with early availability of the dongle being scarce throughout various retail outlets, but now we have a better idea of just how much buzz Google has been able to generate around this thing.

According to Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai, Chromecast sales have crept into the “millions” range, though he wasn’t interested in giving us any exact figures. Either way, hitting over a million units is significant, and Google won’t want to slow down at this point.

The company revealed at SXSW that they are working hard to bring the Chromecast to many more countries within the next few weeks. The device has only been available for US customers to this point, so it’ll be interesting to see just how successful this thing can be once more of the world gets their hands on it.

Even crazier to think about is the fact that the Chromecast train is only just getting started. It wasn’t until recently that Google opened up the SDK to any and every developer willing and able to implement support, and we’ve seen many new apps introduce functionality as a result. It’s already blossomed into a very powerful and flexible multimedia beast, and we imagine things will get even better once more developers catch on.

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  1. I’m part to blame. I bought a second. It works quite well and the price is ridiculously cheap, its like the checkout aisle purchase of electronics.

    1. Agreed. $35 is nearly nothing. I own 4 in my house.

      1. Glasshole… I have 1 and I am getting 2 more…..its an awesome device.

  2. Now, please release an SDK to develop Chromecast functionality into TVs, other hardware, and PC emulation/players. Once this becomes a class of device rather than just one, that’s when it will be truly successful.

    1. They have already talked about building the Google Cast functionality into TV sets. I’m sure it is technically already possible.

      1. Technically yes. There is no dev program or anything for someone to get involved in to actually create a product. They may be reaching out to select TV makers, but nothing that anyone else can actually use yet.

        1. While full chromecasting (tab sharing) to other devices doesn’t exist yet, youtube and netflix apps for smart tvs use the chromecast system already (although you can use your tv remote as well as casting device to control it once it is playing) google has stated they want smart tvs to use this technology

  3. I’ve really tried to love my Chromecast devices, but they are still plagued with bugs and performance issues.

    1. clean wifi to both devices does wonders. my isp speed is all over the map and it purrs like a kitten.

      better than a roku, vizio, sony dvd player and a google tv.

      had them all. wanna buy a lightly used vizio costar?

  4. i love mine, only thing i would want is to have some UK tv content.

  5. It’s still not worth the $35. But I’m ok with keeping mine. It’s just the cost of a meal. Maybe it will work better later.

    1. $35 to make a dumb tv one of the smartest current tv’s seems pretty good to me. name a better value proposition

    2. That’s why I paid $30 on Amazon (and got 4).

  6. Love my two Chromecasts — use ’em all the time — and can’t wait for the next version. For the next version, I’d want to see:
    1) Wireless N support
    2) More codec support (it’ll add to the cost, but I especially want DTS decode, among others, so that I don’t NEED Plex to transcode for me)
    3) A “Parental” or “Admin” mode where you can watch over the queues, and lockout people from switching away.

    1. 1) chromecast supports wireless N just not 5ghz (but it does support using 5ghz for your laptop/phone to access point leg on most dualband routers)
      3) I would also like this, but It would add a lot of complexity for relatively few cases (you can just tell your friends to not be dicks?)

      1. Yes, I want the next version to support 5ghz AC. I live in an apartment building and there are a ton of wifi routers around me clogging up the 2.4ghz airwaves. Even with all those routers around, the Chromecast works really well most of the time, even with the router two rooms away at the other side of my apartment. I love the thing. I’m hoping that Google takes another shot at an Android TV box with a web cam, HDMI throughput and Chromecast built in. The Chromecast is awesome for sharing media from different devices which are signed into different accounts. That’s why it would be needed in a set top box which would surely be signed into a main account for regular use.

  7. Just got my 2nd one again from Amazon free shipping got here within a day, sweet, I still have that free Netflix membership
    hope it didn’t expire.

  8. I’m surprised no one ever comments on its ability to cast nearly anything from a pc or laptop as long as you are using a chrome browser. I have watched a ton of stuff from TV network websites, shows and entire seasons that I’ve missed, just by casting them…I use it all the time…casting music videos to my TV from my Ipad was worth the $35 the first night I had it! it’s so simple and am shocked when I read that it is difficult to use and doesn’t do enough! I use mine several times a week…for the price of a meal for my wife and I…really can’t beat the price…what a steal!

    1. Just curious Phil are you able to cast in 720p or Extreme 720p high bitrate when you are on tv network websites and have it come out smoothly with audio synced? If so, What processor and how much ram do you have? I’ve been trying to work out just how how nice of components I need to spec for our next laptop purchases if I want that to work.

      1. Hey Max, have never had a problem with the sound and/or video syncing. I’m running a cheap Acer Aspire XC-603G I picked up at wally-world for $400.

        Running an IP J2900 processor @ 2.41GHz with 8 GB RAM. Windows 8.1 64 bit…if any of that helps. It’s a newer PC and I still have a ton of storage…if any of that helps.

        Not sure about the HD numbers but will tell you 9 times out of 10 it’s crystal clear.

        1. That’s so interesting that you guys have no problem with relatively low end (but newer) processors, it makes me think that google cast /chromecast must be using a new feature of those processors and not just raw processing power. I struggle with my older intel core 2 duo @2.0ghz and can do 480p but not 720p or 720p high bitrate with my 2nd gen i5 dual core w/ ht(4 threads) @2.4ghz both with 4gb of ram.

          Just so you know you can change to a higher quality by clicking the google cast icon at the top of the chrome browser and selecting options.

          I agree even on 480p casting looks really good.

    2. I hear ya. I watched the superbowl, casting from my Acer C720 from a fox website. or something like that.

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