Jolla’s SailFish OS may be coming to a Samsung phone near you soon


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The Jolla phone with SailFish OS has always been interesting to us. This phone proposes an operating system that can make itself perfect for anyone. SailFish wasn’t that revolutionary on its own merit, but its ability to run Android apps — much in the same way Blackberry 10 devices do using a custom Android runtime — definitely had us standing at attention.

But you might not need a Jolla phone to take SailFish OS for a spin in the very near future. A strange Tweet from Jolla engineer Harri Hakulinen suggests holding on to your old Samsung phone instead of trading it for a Lumia.

We’re not sure if those two classes of devices were chosen for a specific reason or if he’s just pulling some popular brands out of the air, but we’ll assume the former so as to not get our hopes up for anything more.

Maybe not wise to exchange your old Samsung to new Lumia, because you may get Sailfish OS to it soonish. My #1000 tweet ;)

It sounds like they’re taking the same sort of initiative Canonical did by releasing Ubuntu Touch for various Nexus devices, giving tinkerers the ability to install and test it on devices with unlocked bootloaders. We’ll be trying to see if we can pry more information out of this particular engineer’s body, so stay tuned for anymore that may come of this story.

[via Jolla Blog]

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  1. This is interesting considering that Ubuntu Touch wasn’t able to run native Android apps. Hell it may be even better than sticking with a TouchWiz device.

  2. I know people have said this a thousand times, but I honestly see this as being dead on arrival.

    1. Finland’s mobile fortunes are caught in a river of excrement without a cloth propulsion system.

    2. I like the multitasking of Sailfish and heavy use of the gestures in the UI way more than Vanilla Android.
      It is not quite Maemo 5 level of OS control in the UI, but certainly deeper and clearer control of multitasking than what iOS or Android offer at the moment. Personally huge fan of that, but most of the basic users don’t want to micromanage true multitasking.

      In the end Jolla is a firm of 90 people that have created hardware and OS. Success for them is selling 100 000 phones a year and spreading the OS for free.

  3. Cool mobile OS, bro.

    1. I see what you did there.

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