Feb 12th, 2014


We can’t lie — when we heard HTC experienced another troubling quarter and that they were going back to focusing on the mid-range market, we were a little skeptical. It’s not that mid-range devices are automatically bad, but we didn’t know if HTC would just start spitting out uninspired devices for the sake of becoming profitable again.

But the latest leak gives us reason to be excited. Engadget has received press renders of a supposed HTC Desire 8, and while that particular line hasn’t produced many handsets worth getting excited for in recent years, this particular one should take the cake.

According to them, it features a 5.5-inch display of unknown resolution, a 13 megapixel rear camera (not of the UltraPixel variety), a 5 megapixel front camera, stereo front-facing speakers, and dual-SIM telephony. HTC will reportedly introduce this thing in a number of colors, including white, red, cyan, yellow and orange. The apparent lack of metal helps drive the mid-range stake home.

Unfortunately we don’t know much more than that, but there will apparently be a March 18th launch event for the device going down in Beijing. It’s possible we’ll also be seeing the device launched at Mobile World Congress, where we hope HTC will also look to unveil the true successor to the HTC One (known as the HTC M8).

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