Samsung HomeSync update brings functionality to more Android devices



Samsung HomeSync, the company’s media box that helps users enjoy and share their digital content with family, was a rather interesting device, but there was only one problem — you needed a Samsung phone to get the most out of it. That is no longer the case with a brand new upgrade sitting in the Google Play Store.

The HomeSync is now compatible with tons more Android phones. For what it’s worth, we’re not seeing support for non-Samsung tablets and a couple of Motorola’s phones, but the news that Samsung has opened up to any other device at all is music to our ears.

It’s a problem that’s still plaguing the company’s Galaxy Gear, which is only compatible with certain Android 4.3 devices of theirs. Samsung hasn’t ruled out the possibility of giving the Galaxy Gear the same treatment they’ve given the HomeSync, but it looks like it’ll be a while yet before we see that happen. Find the upgraded HomeSync app in the Google Play Store.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Interesting, it is not compatible with the Samsung made Nexus 10.

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