Dec 17th, 2013

sony xperia ultra z google play edition

The Sony Z Ultra didn’t enter the Google Play Store with the most graceful of moves. Those who bought one were unlucky enough to find some very critical bugs that made it hard to enjoy the KitKat experience.

For starters, a bug prevented users from uninstalling apps, which is a pretty big oversight that we absolutely can’t believe made it through quality assurance. Google Now also suffered from some pretty embarrassing issues, with its voice commands being wildly inconsistent. Finally, a couple of security bugs and an issue where clearing data wasn’t working were also present.

But the Z Ultra’s Android 4.4.2 upgrade seems to be rolling out, and folks are reporting that those bugs have been obliterated into nonexistence. We’re hearing it’s going out over-the-air right now, but we don’t yet have a manual download. You’ll just have to cross your fingers and hope you can pull it down right now by heading to the Settings > About Phone menu.

We imagine Google won’t want to take long to bring this one out to the masses considering the magnitude of the issues it fixes. If you’re a Sony Z  Ultra user and you’ve been experiencing these issues, let us know how this update is treating you in the comments section below.

[via XDA]