Snapdragon 805 is official; 2.5GHz quad-core application processor and a 40% more powerful GPU


Qualcomm Snapdragon Chips

The folks at Qualcomm have officially announced the latest addition to the Snapdragon family. This release is for the Snapdragon 800 family, and brings with it a lot of improvements that should have people clamoring for this hot piece of Silicon. It’s called the Snapdragon 805, which hints toward this being a slight upgrade. There’s nothing “slight” about this jump compared to the 2.23GHz Snapdragon 800 currently sitting inside phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Nexus 5, though.

For starters, the Snapdragon 805 will feature a faster 2.5GHz quad-core Krait 450-based application core. It will also house the new Adreno 420 GPU, which Qualcomm claims is 40% more powerful than the Adreno 330 found within the base Snapdragon 800 configuration. Beyond all that, it also features increased memory bandwidth at about 25GB per second.

All that power enables the Snapdragon 805 to support resolutions up to 4K, which some industry folks are trying to get known as UltraHD. While it’ll be quite some time before a smartphone or even a tablet is able to natively display 4K content, this should be great for those who are planning to hook their devices up to any 4K televisions they are planning to buy in the future.

It’ll obviously take some time before we start to see these things inside consumer-ready devices, but Qualcomm suggests the first devices with Snapdragon 805 will begin shipping in the first half of 2014. In the meantime, we’d be happy just to see more phones with current Snapdragon 800 chipsets launch by the end of this year.

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  1. better battery life?- power efficiency?

    1. Exactly. I want a breakthrough in battery life.

      1. Yeah, would rather have 2-3 day phone on one charge than more performance.

      2. You want a new type of battery technology. But I don’t think we are allowed to have nuclear powered phones. =.P

        That would be crazy. Get mad and throw your phone…

  2. I’m kinda tired of these small, incremental tech updates, but that’s consumerism for ya…

    1. I kinda tired of people who don’t know what they are talking about complaining about improvements in technology they barely understand.

      1. I’m not in an arguing mood, so ‘touché’;-)

  3. I like how tech continues to get better making our devices faster, more powerful and the ability to be smarter. I’m just beginning to get a little brothered because I feel as tech increases price increases, I mean look at the nexus 5 for example, it’s better than previous devices also more expensive. And what also bothers me is that the prices we are being charged for better devices are more expensive than my brand new ps4 and it cost way less to build these devices. Hopefully prices on hardware as small as a phone begins to drop in the near future because I won’t be able to keep up with the times

    1. Are you sure it costs less to build a smartphone versus the PS4? Do you have a source for this?

      1. Last time I even looked at how much it cost to build a phone was the Droid Incredible and I was $165 and the nexus one was like $175 to build I think. and I can surely guarantee the Incredible sold over $500 retail.

        1. That’s not how much either costed to build, unless you were only looking at how much the parts costed though that’s ENTIRELY different.

          1. Nah when I read it, it specifically stated and talked bout the cost to build, of course they broke down cost of parts but the overall stated it was like 165 for the incredible. That was androidcentral I seen that on I think

    2. Not sure that they are cheaper to make but you also have to remember that Sony sell at a loss on their hardware and make it up with software sales.

      1. Yes it was like that with ps3, the ps4 actually cost $381and the sell at $399. It has been on the web the last few days. Sony is doing way better now than they were with the ps3

        1. Wow, didn’t realise they’d turned it around. That is a big improvement, probably because it’s not all custom designed like the PS3 and cell.

    3. Nexus 5 is the same price as Nexus 4

      Nexus 4 16gig $349
      Nexus 5 16gig $349.

      They chose to over a 32 gig version though instead of an 8 gig version. I suppose they could have offered an 8 gig version at $299 but then people would complain about it being only 8 gig.

      1. Dude you sure thats right. I coulda sworn the nexus 5 cost a bit more than nexus 4 same gig size

        1. I think it’s because they have a 16GB and a 32GB, so it’s giving the illusion that the Nexus 5 is costing more.


          Remember there was a $100 price drop.

          1. you prolly right, i never considered nexus devices. so i really dont pay that much attention to them. they dam good devices, im just not a fan of the pure vanilla look and i dont know how to add custom roms

    4. The Nexus line phones are priced perfectly ..look at how much Samsung charges for phones off contract. What is it like $700+ for the Note 3 that’s WAY to much.

      1. That’s y I said the Incredible sold over 500 I was just stating the building cost of the nexus one vs the incredible to show how much of a price difference they sell for

  4. The original Snapdragon 800 has 4K video capture and playback. It can also display to 4K screens.

    See: http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/800

    1. The 805 supports H.265 video coding at HW level. It is indeed an interesting upgrade from the 800

      1. I never said it wasn’t interesting an interesting upgrade. I am excited for the H.265 HEVC encoding as well.

        I was just stating that the original Snapdragon 800 did, in fact, have 4K video capture and display capability already. The blog posts that I have been reading made it sound like the Snapdragon 805 was introducing the feature.

        1. I thought Hien said “It is indeed an interesting upgrade…”, meaning they are agreeing that you see this as an interesting upgrade.

          So why are you telling the person that you never said it wasn’t?

          1. I actually read his comment as meaning the opposite of what you mentioned above in your post. I thought he was asserting that what I said meant it wasn’t interesting to me. ;)

            So, I replied by saying that I never said it wasn’t interesting. Okay, this is getting too confusing for me, too. :)

          2. LoL!! I think it’s safe to assume everyone was confused. =.P

    2. who cares? Nobody is ever going to have a 4k display on a Snapdragon 800 cell phone.

      1. Exactly. I still don’t know how people get excited about having much over 300ppi (provided it’s non-pentile).

  5. Maybe I should have waited to upgrade. Happens every time. Dang innovations!

  6. I just got me an 800, damnit…

    1. LOL… ditto

    2. LoL!! That’s technology for you.

  7. UGH!! evrything is happening so fast i cant keep up!! i feel dizzy!! but in a good way!! :P

  8. I’m calling it. 550 ppi 5 inch screen (technically 4.9) 3gb ram 32-64gb internal no sd snapdragon 805 with updated adreno 420 gpu 25 mah battery with qualcomms quick charge. But you can just call it the HTC M8

  9. this is just a small update. Just like the SD600 to S4 pro. waiting for the big update which should be revealed early next year and released by year end which uses ARM v8

    1. if this is their only chip for 2014, then they are in trouble. exynos , apple A8 will be using ARM v8 while tegra will be improving their GPU in tegra 5 up to 4x the one in tegra 4. So this would be just mid-range Chip when these are released

      1. honestly i want to know how much graphic performance T5 have. they have shown impressive demo with it but i take the demo are optimized for the chip.

        1. I’m betting it will be fast. Nvidia hat been working on their latest project for a while now. I know they’ve highlighted their mobile keplar technologies, but if they have Denver CPU cores come into place early, mobile performance could be really efficient with nvidia processors.

          1. honestly i’m interested what cpu will be used by T5 as well. it is expected to use current A15 but there were talks about T5 will be using nvidia own 64 bit custom core. if they indeed comes out with Denver with T5 they could be ahead of samsung coming out with 64 bit processor.

  10. Screw speed updates. Make it last a week than I’ll be happy.

  11. and the age of super mobile computing begins.

    1. Them Gamecube emulators, though.

  12. Comon let’s see something with better battery life! Like at least 2 to 3 days. All this technology but nothing on batteries that will last a couple days

    1. Maybe you did not notice, but the chips get more and more energy efficient.

      1. maybe i miss it but did qualcomm have specifically mention that SD805 will be more power efficient than current SD800?

        1. I remember reading that this is indeed the case

    2. That’s because there needs to be a newer type of battery technology. We are still using lithium-ion batteries. So newer technology has to be developed to use the battery more efficiently.

      It’s like vehicles. They get more gas efficient, but still use the exact same gas from before. The engines get more efficient on using gas.

  13. The HTC M805, maybe?

  14. List Mobile World | amelscout.com

  15. Come on google… Nexus 5 update with 805… or leak the nexus 6 already :D

  16. The GPU boost is epic, but the 800 is far powerful enough. I’m still on the Snap S4 @ 1.8. It works fine, and all this tech is kinda useless, because we have terrible battery life.

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