Google unveils Google Play Newsstand; combines Magazines and Currents into one app



Google has just officially unveiled a new app that will combine Google Play Magazines and Google Currents. Dubbed Google Play Newsstand, the app will not only feed you content from your favorite magazine subscriptions, but also from your favorite sources you already have setup in Google Currents.

The app does a good job of allowing you to split views between your magazines and content from Currents, but you can also get it curated in the same spot by strolling through the “Read Now” section of the app.

Having a tough time finding content? A handy search button is there if you’re looking for something specific, and Google will pull up all relevant news sources — whether it’s a magazine subscription or a Currents source — right there. You can also hit the Explore tab and find some great suggestions for many different topics. It’s already available for download in the Google Play Store, so swing by and give it a whirl if, for whatever reason, you’ve been waiting for something like this.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I got the update and it’s nice to see why Currents go neglected, but you can’t swipe to switch between news sites anymore. You have to go back to the news menu to switch to another provider. For current’s I would stay pretty up to date so I’d check the first couple stories then switch to the new news site with a swipe.

  2. I hope they improved data and battery consumption. Currents was a huge drain, but I’ll give it a shot.

    gReader still wins. Too long to load articles up, can’t open up comments or page within app. Disabled again.

  3. Also I’d like a full screen.. immersion mode in News stand…aka Old Currents

  4. Now, add google books to it

  5. Currents is the biggest battery killer of any app I’ve used. Deleted it from all my devices

    1. I’ve always had currents and it’s rarely used enough battery to even make an appearance on my battery use chart.

      1. Same here.

    2. I had battery problems too, until I limited Currents to only sync while charging. This isn’t the default for some strange reason.

      So far it’s working.

      1. FYI: In Newsstand it’s the same; it’s setup by default to sync all the time whether you’re charging or not.

    3. After installing the new Newsstand I went and disabled Currents. Looking forward using the app more.

  6. Google has been doing.. Alot recently…

  7. Quentyn, your notification list is incredible. haha

  8. Why is it listed as “Google Kiosk” here in Belgium? I hate that they change some names in other language, but others they keep the English name, like for example…. “Keep”

  9. Finally I can scroll vertically to read,
    currents sucks

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