Note 3 owners get a $50 Google Play credit until January 6th, 2014


samsung galaxy note 3 google play credit

So you’ve bought your Note 3 and want to load it up with awesome games, apps, music, books, and movies, eh? Is some of that content only available by forking over a bit of cash? Good news — you won’t have to dig into your own wallet to pay for them! Samsung has started a promotion that will net any Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner $50 in Google Play Credit.

Getting free Google Play credit is nothing new, as we’ve seen other devices offer $25 in the past. But $50? That’s a crap ton, and should keep you swell for quite some time. So what do you have to do? Simply head to Samsung’s site for the promotion, enter all the details they ask for (including your device’s IMEI, your email address, phone number and more), and you should be greeted to $50 in your Google Play account almost instantly.

The offer is for both new and existing customers, and will last until January 6th, 2014. You should have plenty of time to get your credit, even if you don’t get your device until Christmas. Go ahead and hit the source link to claim your credit.

[via Samsung]

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  1. This is what im talking bout



    1. There are no dollars in Canada

      1. Actually there are no pennies, but yes, we are removing currency as our form of trading in a very slow manner.

      2. It’s true. We perform all transactions with various volumes of maple syrup. Why, I remember when you could go to a movie for only 20 mils but now it’s damn near a litre if you want popcorn!

        Edit: I am also displeased that we’re getting stiffed on this

    2. Just bought my Note 3 outright on Telus two weeks ago. This would have been a nice bonus…maybe they will expand this to Canada in the future. One can hope anyway.

  3. I won $5 credit with a kitkat and I don’t know what to get I can’t imagine $50. Do y’all have any suggestions?

    1. For music/books/movies, just buy what you like. For applications, try buying the “pro” or ad-free version of applications you already use.

      1. I forgot I even made this comment I need some caffeine. Thanks for the advice dad.

  4. Just got my $50 credit. Fantastic!

  5. It sucks to not be in the US right about now and feel your pain for those that don’t. Having said that, in the words of James Brown, “Living in America!!!”….America, F- Yeah!

  6. Samsung must really feel like they need more of the US market with promotions like these.

  7. Unfair, i bought the S4 & a 50″ Samsung TV, how come we don’t get any play credits? Or every other Samsung product owner?

    1. Waaahhhhh!!!!

  8. Got my note 3 from T-Mobile the first week it was released and just collected my $50 Google Play credit. Cool.

  9. What about UK buyers who’ve shelled out £600+ for it?

    1. No love..I’m assuming your question is rhetorical though cause the article clearly states for US ONLY.

        1. My apologies, I got my sites mixed up but here are the official terms from Sammy:


          It notes [no pun intended] that the offer is only available to US residents only.

          1. :-( Very unfair.

  10. If they do it for Note 10.1 too, then it’ll sway me to upgrading. Due to purchase of N5, I wasn’t going to go for a newer tablet this holiday.

  11. THANKS! I claimed mine just now, woohoo!

  12. Yay! It worked!

  13. wtf it says my imei was already used

  14. I got it last night. .now I don’t know what to buy

  15. 25$ for Note 2 owners??? Pllzzzz hahaha jk

  16. How long does it take to get the code? Haven’t gotten mine yet

    1. about 5 minutes (when it was working earlier today – before the exploits)

  17. Last year it was a free case and NFC stickers for the Note 2 and this year, we get $50 for the Note 3. I wonder what will be the freebie for the Note 3…..

    1. A brand new car?!?!?! </oprah>

  18. Waiting for the email. Been about 30 minutes.

  19. I would rather have them get rid of NOx, can’t unlock boot loader on that thing with out tripping NOx and voiding warranty.

  20. Just seen this and i got my note 3 on day one and registered mine already i hope i can still get this free money :-) :-) I tried to go to the site from this link and It said it is currently down and they are working to fix it anyone else get an error message when trying to go to the site?

    1. Worked fine for me about 10-20 minutes ago

    2. Got mine on release and credit today.

  21. God I’m so glad I’m constantly reading Phandroid. I had no idea this was even going on until I read this article. Went to the site, put in my info and BAM! Received the email within a couple of minutes and just like that, $50 Google Play credit. Awesome. Thanks again for posting this

  22. Yessss can’t wait

  23. How long did it take for everyone to get their email? I’m waiting for mine now about an hour or so now has passed

  24. Waiting on email been about 10 mins hope it comes through

  25. Still haven’t received my confirmation email ;-( ??

    1. me either, been about 2 hours. I guess they must be overloaded now that we’ve all read the post here. lol

  26. I tried and the website said my IME number was already in use…kinda scary since I bought my phone new.

  27. Still no confirmation email showing up on my end, and no $50 credit deposited into my Google account yet either :-( ??? I wrote support a message cause I bought my note 3 new on day one and I want a peice of the free $50 Google Play pie too darn it lol

  28. Laurie it’s been about 3 hours for me glad I’m not alone il re post if and when i get mine ;-)

  29. Did mine early this morning and received my confirmation email within a few minutes

  30. I have an unlocked AT&T Note 3 that I am using on Straight Talk and it says my IMEI is invalid?

  31. Recently, there was an exploit where people would put randomized numbers into the IMEI section and automatically receive somebody else’s credits. This was not a tedious process because only the last six digits of the code were randomized. The rest of the code was unchanging. You are probably not receiving your code at this time because Samsung is either trying to resolve this problem or has completely halted this promotion.

  32. I hate you all. Getting that credit. =.3

  33. sorry all credits are gone :(

  34. not working anymore they took it down.

  35. This is so not fair, they advertise until January 6th and I signed up and was waiting for my confirmation email shortly after they are now out of Google Play credits?!?!?!? And I never got my email? Wow…Samsung great advertising tease :-( ;-( :-(

  36. What about us Nexus 5 adopters lol!

  37. If you didn’t get your Google Play code, or the system said it was invalid, then you can blame the punk kids who exploited this INSECURE promo! Some of the punk ass kids who did it were bragging about it on the Slickdeals forums. One kid said he stole 123 codes worth ~$6,000. Also, if you check EBay, they’re re-selling the stolen codes there instead of using ’em themselves.

    The blame isn’t all on the cracker kids, though. The form asked for your IMEI and phone number, but it never did an SMS check to VERIFY OWNERSHIP, so, all they had to do was use a very simple algorithm (luhn) to generate millions of valid IMEIs with the correct prefix and try them all. Because the Note3 is so popular, with millions sold, they were very likely to get a hit and deprive someone else of their $50.

    (Got my $50 early on though. *phew*)

    edit: and here’s one of many XDA threads discussing the fallout: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=47675047

  38. Gotta love Samsung.

  39. Where is it?

  40. Like seriously. ..Where is it?

  41. Gone.!!!!!!! WTF Dam I knew I shouldn’t of lunched out yesterday…..lol

  42. Cancelled a MONTH and a HALF early. Please update this post.

    1. What happen?

      1. They apparently sold out. I would think higher than anticipated sales of Galaxy Note III devices would be a GOOD thing for Samsung, and further incentive for promotion. Apparently not. Remember that each redeemed code is a successful sale of a Note 3 device. How could they botch this promo so badly? Was supposed to go into January, I believe.

  43. I just got mine!!! Took 2 days but worth the wait!!! Good luck!

  44. I just got mine also. Took about 3 days, but it did come. Woo HOo!

  45. cant get it anymore :(

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