Aug 22nd, 2013

chrome for android beta gestures

If you’re daring enough to be on the Chrome for Android beta channel, then you’ll want to download the latest update Google is working on for the mobile browser. For starters, those who like to learn more about the images they come across on the web now have an easier way to perform an image search. You can now long-press an image to bring up a new “image search” option in the context menu. It’ll take you straight to Google’s image-based search so you won’t have to deal with cutting and pasting URLs.

Another big change are the new gestures Google’s added with this round of updates. You can swipe horizontally across the top toolbar to switch between tabs, drag down from the toolbar to view the tab switcher, and drag down from the menu button, dragging to whichever menu item you want, and lifting your finger to make a selection. Intuitive, quick, fun, and easy. What more can you ask for? Give all these great new features a shot with the upgrade sitting in the Google Play Store.

[via Google]