New Nexus 7 update JSS15Q going out to address touch screen issues


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Much has been made about the new Nexus 7’s issues since launch, but its biggest has been the erratic touch screen that’s been plaguing the experience for many people. After tons of reports and complaints have rolled in, Google quickly looked to address the issue, and it appears that they have finally delivered a solution.

Google has confirmed that a new update — version JSS15Q  — is rolling out to the masses. This update directly addresses those touch screen issues (which mainly affected those using multi-touch).

The problem should be cleared up for pretty much everyone, though you never know with these sorts of things. Of course, the update is rolling out at a staggered pace so if you don’t see it right away then be sure to give it a few days. We’ll be on the lookout for post-update reports to see how things are working out for everyone. If any of you have received the update, feel free to let us know how it’s treating you in the comments section below.

[Google via XDA, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Does it fix the Bluetooth problems that 4.3 broke with keyboards and such?

    1. I got the JWR66Y update. It does NOT fix the bluetooth keyboard issues. That’s the only problem I’ve had with the last update to 4.3

      1. The only problem? android is so full of problems that when it has only one problem in a firmware version, you’re all like dancing around celebrating.

        1. Lol downvoting everyone and saying crap about android??.. sure.. why not phakeman…??

          1. I know, he thinks he’s so awesome trolling android sites to glorify his iPhone.

          2. He probably doesn’t even have an iphone or an ipad mini. Just as I mentioned. just a sellout.

        2. LOL damn this is funny

        3. Perhaps you should look at macrumors or iMores forums, then come back and tell us iJunk has no problems.

  2. There’s a 1.7Mb JWR66Y update to the GNex too that I’ve not seen reported, don’t know what it does though.

    1. This literally just popped up on my GNEX moments ago. Headed over here to see if anyone else got the update notification. Updating now.

    2. Security updates

  3. Nexus 4 also

  4. android is full of lag. iPad Mini saved my life, the best and best selling tablet ever.

    1. Have an old tab 2 works fine for me, entertains and surfs the net just fine. Glad u ike your iPad, just to pricy for me.

    2. stop promoting apple products, such a sellout you are.

  5. Same patch supposedly fixes the GPS issues too.

  6. Just bought mine the other night as my first android device and am loving
    It so far. And thankfully haven’t had this problem. When it is released where do
    I get it? Or is it automatic?

    1. It automatically downloads and will prompt you in the notification bar, or you can see if it’s available by going into settings>about tablet>system updates and clicking “check now”. Congrats on your purchase!

  7. What’s up with Google now? Every time I use it, it acts like I’m using it for the first time….weird.

  8. When I was using JSS15J I had no problems with the touch screen but the GPS didn’t function, now with JSS15Q the GPS works and now I have touch screen issues, wtf Google? N7 2013

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