J-Lo can’t “Get Right”: Viva Movil’s HTC One has AT&T logo (oh, and it’s $99) [BLUNDERS]


viva movil htc one

Following Verizon’s availability of the HTC One this morning, Jennifer Lopez’s pride and joy — Viva Movil — naturally followed with a listing of their own. The HTC One is available from the Latino-centric wireless retail destination, and you can even get it for $100 cheaper than Verizon’s version.

Of course, with Jennifer Lopez being new to this scene you had to wonder how long it would take the pop star to make her first mistake. Being that Verizon is the exclusive carrier partner behind Viva Movil, I’d say showing an HTC One with AT&T’s logo on it counts as a pretty big mistake. J-Lo’s hit song “Get Right,” an ironically appropriate tune for this situation, immediately popped into my head (and, unfortunately, I can’t get it out).

So it seems Viva Movil has some use after all — it’s a pretty nice place to get a pretty steep discount on hot new phones, apparently. Head to their website if you want to grab your own HTC One for just $99, and don’t forget to check out Miss Jenny’s awesome collection of cases and accessories — she’d be oh, so sad if you didn’t.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow.. that is bad. On a lighter note.. got my VZW One today with the Verizon logo.

    1. Just one logo

    2. At least T-mo didnt mess up my ONE by putting a logo on it, they seem to be the only carrier not to it seems. Better in my opinion to have no carrier branding.

      1. Sprint comes to mind.

        1. Really ? well they suck too, lol.

      2. That could be because they are trying to save some $$$ by not putting a logo on the device -_-

  2. JLo selling smartphones makes about as much sense as the Rock selling baby food.

    1. Gotta admit… the Rock theory makes a bit more sense… Yes I hold J Lo with that much esteem.

    2. I bet that baby food would have lots of vitamins, lol.

    3. This thing is insulting. So many Verizon retail locations inside Hispanic communities already employ bilingual staff. J-lo is as Hispanic as Verizon is quick with its availability of flagship devices.

      No manches, guey!

      1. I dont know any hispanics who listen to J-lo

        Ya la regaron!

  3. Lmao @”can’t get right”

  4. Sold out. Looks like they’ve corrected the image, but no mention of storage space. I’m assuming it’s the 16GB.

    1. they don’t make a 16gb HTC one its 32 or 64 and if you click overview it says 32 right on the page

  5. Ay Caramaba!

  6. I always called her “Jennifer Ho-pez” LOL

  7. ATT still slutting up with their logo to the highest bidder.

  8. As a Latino, I find the idea of a cell phone service aimed specifically at us as offensive.

    1. True, makes it sound as if you guys are too stupid to know English and come into a VZW store. In reality the latino people I know tend to be very educated and intelligent. Very offensive.

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