Aug 14th, 2013

Much like Vince McMahon did in the late 90s when he used Stone Cold Steve Austin’s boss-hating antics to capture the imagination and play on the fantasies of typical members of society, Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions has released a game most of us can identify with. It’s called Middle Manager of Justice, and it’s finally arrived on the Google Play Store.

You’ll manage a team of corporate super heroes whose jobs are to clean up the city around them. You’ll do it as the Middle Manager of Justice, a decidedly overworked hero who has to manage the day to day of Justice Corp. to make sure the crime fighting operation is running as smooth as smooth can be. The initial download is free, and it’s one of the more original concepts out there. Download it. Play it. Let us know how you like it. It’s in the Google Play Store, so get going!

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