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Google Babel was the rumored name of what we currently know as Google Hangouts – a unified Google messaging service. The project is not dead just yet, though. Android VP Hugo Barra says Babel is very alive and has plans to unify not only messaging, but also break language barriers altogether.

Google’s current Babel project consists of bringing real-time translations to phone conversations. Yes, in some years we might be able to just talk our hearts into the phone and person in the other end will be able to hear it in his/her native language.

Google Now Voice SearchThis seems almost unbelievable, but the Hugo states the Android team has made some great accomplishments. During testing, Google Babel can translate conversation with results very close to 100% in accuracy. This is in a controlled environment with no background noise, of course.

The biggest challenge is background noise, which is stated to majorly affect the way Google Babel translates a conversation. The tool is still in its early stages and is “a few years away from reaching the public.” Impressive, if you ask me.

Google is known to take some significant risks and bring the “craziest” innovations to the market. Real-time translations is as unbelievable as driverless cars, for example. This could really change the world and I can’t wait to test it. It will make traveling and business so much easier!

[Via The UK Times]

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