Jul 29th, 2013


We’ve heard our fair share of exploding phones story. They seem to get more outrageous each and every time. At one point, batteries simply ballooned, and the most damage a phone would do was leave a 1st degree burn mark on an arm or a leg, or burn through some bed dressings. Eventually, things started getting out of hand — glass would become shrapnel and cut earsl (OK, that story doesn’t actually count considering it’s fake, and all), and flames would jump 6 feet high, completely burning the thighs of innocent little Swiss girls.

Even that stuff doesn’t compare to the latest — this Hong Kong resident’s apartment was apparently burnt down by a Samsung Galaxy S4. No, the device itself didn’t produce enough heat to engulf the entire apartment in flames on its own, but the resident — simply mentioned as Du — threw the phone at his couch after the device spontaneously exploded. That wasn’t the greatest idea, though, because that small flame eventually lit the couch up, and the rest of it spread like wildfire.

According to the report, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was completely stock, with a stock battery, to boot. That part is important, because Samsung has a big reputation to uphold, as well as a whole lot of money it doesn’t want to have to shell out for repairs and legal fees. What do you say? Real? Fake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[via The Register]

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