Huawei working on an Ascend P6 Google Edition – would you buy it?


huawei ascend p6

Google Edition phones are the new sensation. We have been begging for devices with stock Android for years. HTC and Samsung are already on board with the One and the Galaxy S4, but what other Google Edition devices could be coming? It seems Huawei could be the next to jump on board.

Huawei’s president of the handset product division Kevin Ho has told Pocket-lint that the company is in talks with Google to bring a Huawei Ascend P6 Google Edition. This seems a bit weird because Huawei’s chairman, Richard Yu, said this was not the case at the P6’s announcement.

Google Play Edition HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4Yu believes Huawei’s Emotion UI is better (they all think that), so it seems there is a bit of miscommunication at Huawei’s HQ. Whether you like Emotion UI or not, you can’t deny it’s always good to have options.

I would love to see a stock Android Ascend P6 available in the Play Store. The device is powerful, very well built and beautiful. It is actually one of the thinnest devices, measuring a mere 6.18 mm in thickness.

We believe a Google Edition Ascend P6 could even help the company, to a certain extent. Huawei could possibly price this device more affordably. Even if it doesn’t, Huawei is not the most popular brand out there (and they know it). Getting some love from the Android fans would be something Huawei could benefit from.

Not to mention the device would get updates quickly. This is a big deal, as people tend not to trust the smaller manufacturers when it comes to updates. Buying a Google Edition device would at least keep Android fans at more ease, even coming from Huawei.

Would you buy one? I would definitely consider it, but I would still pick the HTC One if they were to cost the same.


Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Yummy. Release for the same price as the Nexus and Huawei might have a hit on their hands. :)

    1. at tthat price yes they may but if the moto x is priced like that too big fight down there for us poor folks

    2. They may release this to Asian markets alone, since the current GE devices (S4 & H1) are restricted to the US

    3. even at $400, i would still buy it. yes i am that person who is not worried about battery life and prefer thinner devices… sorry guys…sue me.

      1. Sue you? I think Apple’s already working on that. They already have a patent for thin devices with poor battery life.

        1. well they could sue me too! they can have my tent under the 210 freeway…..

        2. I tend to disagree. Not to try and fuel an argument but iPhones usually have a remarkable battery life. Especially in standby times too. This is coming from past experience.

          1. Apple devices excel in standby mode because they don’t run widgets and other battery draining apps. On the other hand, since they don’t have those tools, one could argue the iPhone isn’t as useful… Trade-offs.

          2. I agree to a certain extent. But I believe they also have an amazing battery life because Apple literally build everything. From the hardware to the software, it’s all done by Apple. They can make it however they want.

    4. How many folks look at the S4 Google Edition and wonder to themselves the custom ROMs out there are just as good if not better?

      1. No one wonders that. Because no custom rom is ever as stable as a properly optimized rom straight from Samsung/Google.

        1. Plenty I’m sure do. “Because no custom rom is ever as stable as a properly optimized rom straight from Samsung/Google.”


          The ROM I’ve been running for the past 4 months has been STABLE and reliable. Lighter and quicker custom stock. Battery life is great also. No problems.

          Unless you’ve flashed EVERY custom TouchWiz or AOSP ROM or “vanilla Android” out there you can’t claim none can be as stable as something straight from Samsung/Google.

          I’ve never had this kind of battery life from my S3 out of the box:

          1. Alright, I retract that statement then.

          2. Really, at the end of the day it’s all relative. Each device can be different, even if they’re running the same ROM or Android version that’s straight from Google.

            I’ve just been fortunate to be rocking a sweet ROM that’s been very, very good to me.

          3. One day they’ll even be so easy to load, a dip elect comp tech net admin spec won’t give up, at last, at least one of them can be unrooted, after install. When are we going to get a Chrome or Android device that can use similar hardware as the PS4, ( AMD Jaguar, 8 GB 5 billion Hertz equivalent GDDR5.) Hardware Jocks like me supply 10X the power to the programmers and expect them, to make the device twice as user friendly, but instead Microsoft makes it twice as user unfriendly.

          4. Wow, that’s a thought.

          5. omg are u cereal – because your personal android phone is supposedly stable based on non facts with whatever limited apps and settings you personally have does nothing for the rest of humanity, at all. Every custom and stock rom has a litany of issues so to say there is no problem with yours is to lie.

            The problem with G phones is they are after thoughts seemingly meant to prove the UI’s are still better in small ways like camera clairty or sound, not true ground up nexus phones.

            the p6 is a great looking phone but a couple months till a new flagship that will carry me two more years like my current nexus will probably be worth waiting for.

          6. I’m quite cereal sir. But if you refer to my last sentance: “I’ve just been fortunate to be rocking a sweet ROM that’s been very, very good to me.”

            Also:”Each device can be different, even if they’re running the same ROM or Android version that’s straight from Google.”

            Honestly haven’t had any issues with this particular ROM with my particular settings. Settings that I would have applied to my phone if it was straight out of the box. This particular ROM was just well made and it is running buttery smooth on my personal device.

            I highly doubt folks opinions on a tech blog like this would be meant to be doing anything for “the rest of humanity”.

            Agreed on the P6, great looking device and I can understand Nexus users wanting to wait and see what comes next.

      2. not saying custom roms arent great, but there are advantages to have it stock vanilla. Updates would still come quicker. And i don’t know about your current set up and its not a HUGE deal, but on the phones that i’ve had, I would get a random reboot at the worst possible time… like when I’m driving and using GPS…. or randomly my camera would bug out for a second and I’d have to restart…. no single thing was a deal breaker and made me run to unroot the phone… but it would get annoying and does make a stock vanilla experience enticing

        1. Your totally right about the advantages of stock vanilla Android. Having regular updates is great.

          ROM development has come a long way though. Depending on your device the development is rather big. Mainly for the flagship devices. Some ROMs are hit or miss and it’s always a good idea to spend some time reading into different ones before flashing them on your device.

          I’ve had some that were buggy as hell and yes even giving me random reboots like the one you mentioned you had. But the one I’ve had on my Sprint S3 is just so lovely. Nice features that stock vanilla Android wouldn’t have given me but a nice stripped down and unobtrusive TouchWiz experience the way it should be.

          In the end its been worth the bit of research for me and my Android experience has been improved greatly. I support those developers on XDA with donations if their ROM has worked for me.

  2. Why not? Seems iike a nice phone.

  3. More choices is always awesome! :] maybe they will start pushing each other to have cheaper off contract prices.

  4. Probably not. It only has 8GB of internal memory (like the base Nexus 4), i’d probably spring for the HTC One GE for 32GB of storage. + better display, faster processor, etc.

  5. I think it really depends on the price and Huawei would definitely have a great price.

  6. I like their phone. I hoping LG, HTC or Huawaii make the next Nexus.

  7. Depends on the price….

  8. I’m happy that manufacturers are starting to show signs of acknowledging that some users prefer a lean & mean AOSP ux over their comparatively clunky and bloated overlays. It’s about damn time!

  9. This with sense 5.0 would be nice :D

  10. Is that a red phasebeam LWP? I want it. So I can look at it for 15 seconds and then put it back to a still background.

  11. Probably wouldn’t get it. If I was paying full price for a Google-ized phone I’d pay for the HTC One or GS4.

  12. Yes, because a phone both the CHinese and the US governments can use to spy on me in realtime with is the device I’ve been missing all these years.

  13. I refuse to ever purchase a Huawei product. They have shown that they have no qualms whatsoever stealing technology from US companies and attempting to then sell said technology back in to the US at a lower price.

    1. Absolutely, why dont we just pack up all our technology and money and
      just give it to the chinese. We’re heading that way anyhow so lets just
      send all our jobs and eveythining over to em. Lets let communism
      finally win after all the lives weve lost fighting them

      1. wtf is wrong with you?

  14. Looks like Google ambassadors are going to all major companies lobbying for these phones… and it’s great news.

    So now we have HTC, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and most likely Motorola

  15. to bad wont work on verizon…im beginning to wonder more n more why im still with verizon and their damn cdma network phone manufacturers appear to friggin hate…

  16. I’m not sure what this device has to offer since I’ve been avoiding this manufacturer due to alleged ties to the Chinese government. But if it has LTE and is priced like the Nexus 4 I’ll consider it.

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