Jul 10th, 2012

Huawei is looking to expand their brand in North America, but if they are going to succeed there is one matter of business they must address: just how are we supposed to pronounce the company’s name? Given our limited exposure to Huawei, it’s no surprise that Americans have had more than their fair share of trouble sounding it out. In my rounds at various industry events I have encountered quite a few creative pronunciations from members of the tech press and general public alike, but it wasn’t until now that Huawei has made an effort to set the record straight.

The above video is more or less a fun way to get people interested in Huawei’s brand and is part of a much larger effort to stake a claim in the United States and elsewhere. It’s simply the next phase in an expansion process that began with the introduction of high-powered devices like the Huawei Ascend P1 and Huawei Ascend D Quad, handset that signaled a new direction for the Chinese company as it repositions itself in the market, distancing the company from its roots as a manufacturer of low-cost and entry-level feature phones and smartphones.

So, be honest. Who has been pronouncing the name correctly all along? And who needed this brief lesson?

[via DroidDog]

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