BlueStacks announces GamePop Mini Android game console, free with a 1-year subscription



The market for Android game consoles is about to get a little more crowded after BlueStacks — makers of the Android emulator for desktops — announced today their latest entry, the GamePop Mini. Essentially a tiny version of the GamePop we told you guys about back in May, the Mini features a similar subscription model to its older brother but with a catch — the Mini is free with a 1-year subscription to BlueStack’s gaming service.

Because the subscription gaming model is so new (and arguably a tough sell), BlueStacks sees the Mini a the perfect way to build a subscriber base, something that’s not easy to do when you’re charging up front for hardware. Of course, some quick math will tell you that, at $7 a month for 12 months, the GamePop will still run you $84. That gives you unlimited access to GamePop’s growing game library which includes over 500 game partners. BlueStacks has also created a technology called Looking Glass to help make their platform more enticing to developers by allowing quick and easy porting of iOS games to the Android 4.2 based system.

The GamePop Mini goes up for pre-order on Monday, July 1st. Don’t forget that the full-sized GamePop is still up for pre-order and if you reserve yours by the end of the weekend, that too will be free (regularly priced at $129).


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  1. $84 a year for unlimited game access, not to bad. just keep them in app payment games away.

    1. Not to mention Android AND iOS games. This has the potential to have a pretty huge game library…. potentially.

      1. Potentially in can be second Netflix in game world…

  2. I’m calling it now: this will be an incredible failure.

  3. no thanks, if I’m home, I’d rather play real games on the PC or console

  4. Pre-ordered.

    i’m sick and tired of xbox subscription that allows me to watch netflix (I’m paying it separately) and $20-60 per game.

  5. 7 bucks a month! No thanks! If I want a game I buy it! I dont pay for them all, all tbe time!

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